The Root of All Power

To dig around the root of power, it is necessary to focus on those elements from which power is derived and the means used to retain it. History proves this to be a study of the ugliest facets of human nature.

In this age of man (starting after the Flood, if you so believe) in that area of the fertile crescent that is today's battleground, a man seized power by force and subdued the peaceful inhabitants of the areas that were called Resin, Calneh, and Erech (Iraq). These were agrarian communities, and the man named Nimrod went out to conquer and subdue. His power lay in the force he was able to exert, and the fear of the people of this power. This was the beginning of concentrated power and force over the Sumerian culture that eventually became absorbed into the first Babylonian Empire.

Leaders have tended to want and obtain absolute power, no challenge, no compromise. Offense is met with the same force as the conquest of the helpless. To the victor go the spoils, including the human souls left alive and forced into slavery or captivity.

When the power of force is removed from a leader, his leadership is endangered by the loss of popularity if any, or the meandering of the willing support of the people. Challengers for his position will arise, someone will come to take away the means of ruling others. Benevolent dictators have still had to maintain elite guards to ward off the usurpers, although truly benevolent dictators have been few and scarce among the pages of the world's history. Nearly every pharaoh, emperor, monarch, king, czar, or other tyrant has been a man of war, either offensive or defensive, usually both. Empire leads to expansion, and expansion encroaches on the territory claimed by others. Whoever wins the war controls the land.

Without controlling the means of force and instilling fear in those to be subjugated, power is fairly equalized among the people, although some are always stronger than others. The clan structure of human society, which today still exists via the pride in the family name and history, is one of patriarchal or power leadership over the bloodline relatives. While family trees usually have someone hanging from a limb due to misdeeds, far more have little to show for their existence than some minor accomplishments.

Whether aggressor or defender, clans will sooner or later be faced with war, the stirring up of hatred against one's fellow man that borders on animal savagery in killing prey. In such a mental state, the leader becomes a pseudo-savior to whom the clan looks for leadership and protection, and together they slaughter and maim their fellow humans until one side surrenders or is crushed. Such is the source of power, both force and fear.

While we might think this "normal" for cave men swinging clubs, it is no less true of those wielding atomic weaponry or the means to subjugate a deceived populace, and such it is with what was once the progeny of the Enlightenment . . . western civilization. While the term "Chinese torture chamber" is often used as a figure of speech, it must have had root someone early on, and indeed reports that come out of 21st century China do not indicate that progress has been made toward eliminating methods of persuasion and punishment that seem revolting to western minds, although doubtless used more than the public suspects by people in whom we have placed our trust.

In the latter half of the Eighteenth Century, a few dozen men decided that man had a God-given and unalienable right to be free to pursue life, liberty and happiness. This was a radical departure from the monarchical system of divine rights of kings. A new country was given a Constitution and Bill of Rights that divided government in such a manner that the means of force was held in checks and balances. The president could make treaties, the senate had to ratify them. The congress enacted legislation, the president had to approve. The supreme court sat to review the constitutionality of any and all such acts of the other branches of government. War, or use of force, could be requested by the president but the official declaration had to be made by the congress.

Perhaps one error was to name the president as the commander-in-chief of the military, but under the proper functioning of the system of checks and balances, this would restrain his use of such power.

It was perhaps never considered, or considered impossible to avoid, the voluntary surrender of the rights of the Congress of the United States to the executive branch of government. Such would give the means of force and the ability to instill fear into people, rather than people instilling fear into their public servants, to the president and his administrative officers.

Such is the making of an oligarchy or a monarchy, de facto and regardless of titles.

Where is the problem? It is with the taking of the means of force by the leadership in order to retain its power and the intimidation of the people by the threat of that force, and the closure of the doors of recourse to the courts by the futility of facing judges and justices whose agenda is not the nation or the people, but the powers in charge.

There have been times when the people have realized the power of their numbers, but such occasions are unfortunately rare. For the most part, people are sheeple, always have been and always will be. Fear is their worst enemy and they acquiesce willingly to the leadership of the most venal of leaders, men to whom nothing is sacred and everything has a price, even that of blood.

It is for this reason . . . the power of numbers and force . . . that every attempt is being made to disarm the populaces of several nations around the world, others are already disarmed except for contraband weapons. A distressed and irate populace can be a tyrant's worst nightmare, as became the case in the French revolution. "Off with their heads" was more than a casual saying at that time. Heads did roll.

There is a dark and ominous storm brewing in the United States and the government is aware of the dissatisfaction of the patriots, but has announced program after program to confiscate weapons and incarcerate those objectors who might be able to gain a following and present a danger to the agenda at work in the nation's capital and fifty state capitals. Socialism is not an idle word nor a harmless political philosophy; it is the Marxist agenda for world domination and it has made steady progress since before the turn of the 20th century. Just now are its stranglehold tactics becoming manifest, and few there be who are willing to believe, yet, that this could happen in the United States.

It has.

No leader and no defender can sustain power without the means of force and the infliction of fear. It is to this that the historically aware leaders turn for the root of their manifest destiny of becoming the globalist elite, a rotten root of a rotten tree of evil fruit.

Whoever has the best means of force and the will to use it will subdue and rule, be it leader or patriot.

Without the means of force, no one has the power to enforce one thing. Dig up the root, the tree will die of itself. Leave the root, the tree will grow again.

The people need to know what leaders know and withhold from them, unless they enjoy the prospect of slavery or dream that it cannot happen here. By now we should have awakened to that fact. Not enough have at this point in time.

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