Slave Nation - 101

Isn't it grand? We live with the means to throw off our oppressors and yet we do nothing at all to stop their march towards the obvious conclusion of national destruction.

Think about it . . . WHY did the Founding Fathers insist on iterating the right to keep and bear arms in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights? If you read their writings, they left us this avenue as the means to throw off despotic and tyrannical government agents.

The problem lies in the very fact that the majority of the people have given up their freedoms in increments to the point that today they are slaves and yet 'believe' they live in the freest nation on the planet. And the 'wizards' have placed a spell on the people through the indoctrination processes available via the media and the public school system so that they obey these wizards blindly and at any and all costs.

I am going to tell you of an incident that occurred in my life on one occasion that would have most likely resulted in my death as well as the death of at least one police officer and one bureaucrat. The incident involved the Child Protective Service, which had received a phone call from 1-800-rat-on-your-neighbor, which they felt was worthy enough to investigate. I will not get into details here, as the accusation was unfounded in the first place, so there is no need to explain. However, I will say that this in turn just had to be investigated by the bureaucrats, who have to justify their job's existence.

So, here I answer my front door and find to my chagrin a woman and a plainclothes police officer with a very visible firearm strapped to his waist wanting to ask me some questions. Feeling that totally ignoring them and slamming the door in their face would be counterproductive, I allowed them free entry to my home and proceeded to try to answer their questions. However, when the questions began to deviate from the original intent, and an obvious threat became apparent, I told them both that they had better get back on track or leave. The officer began to become belligerent, and at that point, I very calmly walked to where I had a .44 magnum revolver hidden from view but very much in my reach, and asked him to either calm down or get back on track or leave. He decided at that point to calm down and so we finished our discussion with no incident. Why did I go to where the .44 magnum was? Because with the threatening track they were on, I had no choice but to shoot them both and then when their backups showed up make an effort to shoot as many of them as possible before I was killed.

What, you may ask was so threatening? THE BUREAUCRAT WAS THREATENING TO KIDNAP MY CHILDREN FROM ME. If they would have made the least effort further in that direction, my children would have ended up fatherless, most likely, but so would have their children. WHY? BECAUSE I AM NOT GOING TO PUT UP WITH SOME GOVERNMENT GOON taking my children from me! There is a VERY deep line in the sand drawn there.

My question to my wife was, WHY AREN'T MEN shooting CPS workers who are obviously involved in KIDNAPPING their children? Why aren't more police officers being gunned down in the line of 'doody' for coming into these situations as the hired guns of the kidnappers? Why doesn't it EVER happen? It is because we have become a nation of slaves willing to give up our very CHILDREN to these hired kidnappers.

After all, we give the state wizards complete control of our children through the public mind control centers and allow them to drug the boys into submission and grind the teachings of utilitarianism into their young minds. So what if they kidnap them? We gladly turn them over for 12 years of their young lives. Oh sure, there are a few of us, and I do mean a few, who home school our children, trying to protect their young, impressionable minds from the trash that is passed off for education in the GOVERNMENT school system. But unfortunately, we are already good slaves, and even though we home school, we are teaching what we have been taught ourselves in the great wizard's 'teaching' centers. We go to home school meetings with other home schooling people and they want us to 'pledge allegiance to the flag' or sing the 'Star Spangled Banner' before the meeting begins. And they want to tell us of our 'doody' to go out and vote. Or they want to tell us that we must register for Selective Service, which is another nice word for the draft, or how to go about doing the 'right thing' when it comes to getting a socialist security number or follow some other mindless government agent's edict. Ah . . . the control of their minds is so complete.

Do you see the problem? We are armed slaves who will use our arms to keep our slavery intact! We are a nation of functional communists who would KILL ANYONE who would try to take our 'freedom' of being a slave from us! IT WAS BRILLIANTLY DONE! Leave the slaves with arms and they will mistakenly 'believe that they are free.' I mean after all, doesn't the bumper sticker say, 'Only Free Men Own Guns'? It just is not so. Many slaves throughout history had arms at their disposal to FIGHT FOR THEIR SLAVE MASTERS! Why, it is a known fact, which if you are willing to make the effort to search out, that many slaves fought side by side with their 'masters' in the War for Southern Independence , i.e., 'Civil' War!

We may whine and complain about our bars, but since they are invisible, no one really believes they are living in a cage. They are as the parrot having been taught the useless phrase, 'I am free,' voicing that belief at every opportunity while driving down the road in their Japanese automobile with their American flag and fish symbol side by side. And of course using the catch phrase of 'love it or leave it' at any opportunity that may arise where someone with a half a brain challenges their idea of 'freedom.'

I mean, how free are we when the pastor of a church refuses to fly the church flag OVER the battle flag of the United States because he is afraid of being persecuted errr . . . prosecuted for violating a law that makes that act a crime?

At the end of this list, I ask you a question. Which of these people are FREE? The answer that you give will show you where you are in your understanding of FREEDOM.

In nation one, an individual can purchase, unhindered by paperwork or regulations a fully automatic machine gun through mail order.

In nation two, for a person to purchase a full automatic, he must pay a tax, submit to a very vigorous background check as well as fulfill numerous requirements. At that point, he is given a license to purchase the full automatic. In this nation, you need to get permission and are treated as guilty until proven innocent just to purchase any firearm.

In nation one, there are no concealed firearm permits. If you feel the need to carry a firearm, you carry one.

In nation two, you must get a license to carry a firearm, and in some sections of this nation, you are just not allowed to carry or have one.

In nation one, a person does not need a driver's license, insurance, or even a license plate to operate an automobile on the roads.

In nation two, the individual must have a driver's license, which is only issued after the individual, if a male, has signed up for the military. He must have insurance and a license plate to drive his automobile on the roads.

In nation one, a person does not need a license to do business or to apply a trade.

In nation two, an individual must have a license to do business and to apply a trade. He also must pay numerous taxes just to stay in business.

In nation one, no one pays income tax, property tax, sales tax or personal property tax.

In nation two, you must pay income tax, property tax, sales tax and in many places personal property tax.

I think you get the point. So which nation is 'freer' than the other? In which nation would you as an individual desiring freedom prefer to live? Would you rather live in nation ONE or nation TWO?

If you said you would rather live in nation one, then you have picked the ONCE FREE United States .

For all of these contrivances are recent additions to the laws of our land.

Before 1934, ANYONE could own a full automatic and buy and carry any type of handgun they wanted.

Business licenses are a recent addition that makes it impossible to do business without violating a law.

Income tax is as new as 1913, and was actually truly implemented in its current form during WWII. Property tax is new, as well as sales taxes and personal property taxes.

If you picked nation TWO you have picked . . . you guessed it, the CURRENT version of the good ol' 'free' United States .

Why do you suppose the folks in the Middle East would hate our freedom? Because our 'freedom' is the freedom spoken of by George Orwell in the book 1984. It is slavery. Slavery is not freedom. We are a nation of double-minded people who have totally lost grasp of the concept of freedom due to the lies we believe.

We do not understand that freedom is not the same as being able to buy a new car or home. Prosperity and freedom are not synonyms.

Freedom has RESPONSIBILTY for one's actions attached and most folks do not WANT to be responsible. They will argue, telling you that if you don't have INSURANCE, you are not responsible. My answer to them is that if you have insurance, THE INSURANCE company is responsible for your actions.

And on it goes. People don't want the RESPONSIBILTY of protecting each other and their own families, so they pass that on to the state agents, who in turn insist that NONE of us go about armed without the state agents' permission. This can be seen in the response of certain state agents when it came to arming pilots to protect the passengers and themselves from further hijacking. If a state agent wasn't a passenger aboard the plane, then NO ONE was going to be allowed to be armed. After all, who knows better about protecting you than the state agent?

When you look at the 'law' that bans the carrying of firearms on school property, you see in effect a belief that the 'law' will protect children. BULL! Anyone can obviously walk past that invisible barrier and kill or maim as many children as they desire because no teacher would dare take on the responsibility of protecting the children from a madman. Their god, the state, has spoken.

I often laugh when I see the sign at one bank (with a picture of a handgun with a slash through it) that states: NO FIREARMS ALLOWED. I asked the tellers, 'Do you seriously BELIEVE that some bank robber is going to leave his gun in the getaway car and come in and ask you nice ladies to hand over all the cash available?' All I get back is a blank stare, because of course, in their minds, the law WILL protect them from the robber. He surely wouldn't think of crossing that barrier and robbing them with a gun, would he?

When will the mindlessness end? I don't know. I do know that some of us aren't going to go climb into the cattle cars willingly . . . because we KNOW why the Founding Fathers left the right to keep and bear arms as an unassailable right of a free people.

Stay tuned . . . I am just beginning to rant.

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Mark Reynolds is a retired plumber and website developer residing with his wife of 45  years and his four grown sons  in the place most folks call Arkansas. Reading the books Letters to Jessica, a Child’s Guide to Freedom of Mind and Spirit  and The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine were  major turning points in his life.