The State of Evolution


In a way that would make the most powerful deity green with envy, the state of Georgia was recently able to crucify and resurrect the theory of evolution in less than three days. For decades people blinded by faith have fought to remove the mention of evolution and its modern patriarch Charles Darwin from the government's education system. Although most folks would consider religious fanatics and anal retentive conservatives the biggest enemies of Mr. Darwin's evolutionary theories, the truth is that the biggest challenge to evolution itself comes from government. It's hard to believe that at this point in human evolution, one can still find men and women who choose to abandon the search for the truth, and ground their beliefs in mysticism. To a large segment of humanity, the thought of a white bearded elder sitting on a throne or a pot-bellied Asian being responsible for everything that goes on in the universe is obviously more comforting and easier to understand than the Big Bang, genes, chromosomes, atoms or electrons. In reality, these individuals harm and fool no one but themselves, yet when they opt to use the earthly powers of the state to impose their views on the rest of society by force, they themselves come to resemble the vilest of creatures described in the Holy Scriptures they read so adroitly. In spite of all their words and actions, religious groups' damage to Darwin 's theories of evolution are negligible when compared to the negative influence governments have had over evolution and human genetics throughout history. Government welfare programs (as we have always known them) are one of human evolution's biggest enemies. These programs encourage individuals with little or no inclination to seek gainful employment to mate with individuals who show no interest in raising their own children. The results are children who both genetically and environmentally are more likely to grow up to be slothful, promiscuous and violent adults than their non-welfare peers. Government housing, education and food programs do not necessarily help the neediest segments of our society; they actually help worsen the situation. How? By encouraging the creation of more individuals doomed to a meager existence as wards of the state in one form or another. The welfare state ensures the propagation of a large number of undesirable genes for generations to come. The money for these "benevolent" government programs comes from taxing productive citizens. Their income is absconded in a variety of ways. By confiscating a productive person's or family unit's money, the government limits their choices, which include how many children to conceive and rear. People who are genetically predisposed to be productive and care about the upbringing of their children limit the number of children they have to what they can afford both monetarily and emotionally. Government confiscation of income limits the number of children that caring, productive parents can have by forcing them to work longer hours, while allowing them to keep less of what they earn. Taxation and regulation restrict the number of children with genetic and environmental predisposition for civility and productivity that can actually be born. This results in a lower number of genes that have these positive traits in the human gene pool. Bureaucracies also harbor genes detrimental to the human species. In government agencies throughout the world, independent thought and ingenuity are mercilessly stifled. Only individuals genetically endowed to exist under such conditions can survive in the bureaucratic environment. The constant growth of these inert government employers can only ensure the spread of these undesirable traits, which needless to say will supply these growing entities with all the human fodder necessary. As the level of government repression increases, the spread of some genetically desirable traits decrease. In repressive governments, mindless twits and spineless idiots are rewarded, making it easier for them to propagate their seed affluently. Those who oppose repression for moral and intellectual reason are either eliminated or treated in ways that makes it undesirable for them to have children, in turn decreasing their positive genetic traits in future generations. The increased power of the state practically guarantees a growing number of insipid and cowardly humans for generations to come. No science is absolute (though most religions claim to be). Genetics is not all-encompassing either; within our genetic makeup there is room for free will and choice. Of course civil and intelligent children can be born to parents feeding at the government's trough, hard working, intelligent parents can bear slothful and mindless individuals, some bureaucrats can be intuitive and decisive, and some brave, intelligent folks survive and pass on these positive traits in the most oppressive circumstances, but these are exceptions and not the rule. No race is exempt from negative traits, nor does any show superiority just based on that specific genetic trait. Life is precious, and once born, no state should have the right to take it. Eugenics is not the solution since this would only give the state even more power over individuals and would only exacerbate the problem while accelerating the downfall of humanity. Man's hope for survival as an intelligent species fades with the growing power and influence of the state. Only a dramatic reversal of this trend can improve the genetic material available for future generations of the human species.

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Emiliano Antunez, Lives in South Florida  and never ceases to be amazed by the arrogance, stupidity and malevolence of the great majority of our "elected  representatives".  The voters are revolting.