Tribalism: Child of Diversity

What we are seeing in America is the emergence of tribalism, the child of diversity. The two-party political system of old is ancient history. The mold has been broken. We are seeing the first ripple of disaffection for politics, due to too many special interest groups, chronic overspending, no accountability, and the influence of big money.

When you add the new dimension ' ideological incompatibility with previously supportive political parties ' the result is discontent, apathy, crossing party lines, frantic "anybody but Bush' sentiments, a search for salvation, and nightmare "end of the Union' rhetoric. The end result is tribalism.

Special interest groups with incompatible ideologies are no longer willing to compromise, but they are more than willing to fight for their beliefs. The good news is that some citizens have finally awakened from a long slumber. The great news is that they are also fighting for what they believe in. What is nobler than that?

When celebrating diversity takes national priority over individual sovereignty and freedom, the result can be nothing less than tribalism. When it continues long enough, the result will be nothing less than the next Civil War.

Unlike Lincoln 's debacle, the next Civil War will actually be one. In the First War of Southern Secession, the south was merely attempting to divorce itself from a marriage of convenience with the north. Lincoln would have none of it, instead preferring to save his precious Union at all costs ' including the loss of the Republic ' which ceased to exist after the war, thanks to his tyranny and follow-on legislation.

The coming Civil War will be much different. It will not be an attempt to save the Union . It will be special interest groups competing for power. These groups with incompatible ideologies will fight for their beliefs and their survival. Unlike the first time around, all of the warring factions in the next Civil War will be fighting by choice, instead of half of them merely reacting to the tyranny of a northern State agent.

All of these special interest groups will have one thing in common ' a refusal to compromise. This trait dooms the 'democracy' that some profess exists in this nation. It will be replaced by open rebellion when enough special interest groups finally realize that the State cannot and will not protect them or their ideologies. When the lights finally come on, these groups will resort to warfare in an effort to survive.

The melting pot is long gone. It was replaced by tyranny; first of the majority, soon by the minority, as former voters vote with their feet. Today's supposed 'democracy' will be replaced by an oligarchy comprised of a few bureaucrats and big money ' the perfect breeding ground for the next Civil War.

Eventually, even registered voters will realize that they are once again victims of taxation without representation. It has already started. We are seeing ideological groups who can no longer count on the support of their former political party. With no real difference between the two major parties, the options become flee or fight. The State will not allow a third party to rise to power, so don't even think about it.

Some who flee will cross state lines to search for a group that thinks like they do. They will build their own tribal enclaves by moving out of the cities and into fly-over country. The Free State Project is just the first of many such collective endeavors that frustrated citizens will attempt in an effort to flee, but they will all fail miserably because the State cannot and will not allow them to succeed.

As more state budgets burst, the net payers will revolt against the net receivers, as we have seen several times already in Oregon . California may soon be next, if/when the big bond issue fails this month. Look out then, the remaining businesses will abandon ship. The smart ones are already gone. Only those left behind will be available to pay the bills.

I offer the following recent evidence to support my argument:

Oliver North's column, 'A Good Week.' This is must reading for all.

Paul Loeb's column, 'The Lone Ranger of Righteousness' about Ralph Nader.

'Standoff Looming on Virginia Budget' by Jo Becker and Michael D. Shear. If this article isn't convincing evidence (proof?) of my argument, I don't know what is. This is internal to the GOP, not warring factions fighting across race, ethnic, gender, or state lines. This situation is unprecedented in Virginia , so pay attention.

If you throw in all of the gay marriages in San Francisco, New Mexico, and New York, the state courts that are ignoring them, the Massachusetts Supreme Court's decision to require the state legislature to legalize them, and the several major cities that are openly violating federal law by purchasing cheaper drugs from Canada, the trend is clear.

This is not anarchy yet because the next Civil War must be fought first. Anarchy can only come after the war is over. I can't wait! Are you prepared to live as a free man? If not, why not? What are you waiting for? What are you afraid of?

If you want to fight and/or survive the next Civil War, study Fourth Generation War. I highly recommend reading William S. Lind's 4GW archive on

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