Cops are Running out of Ammo


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I visited a gunshop in Windsor, Ontario, Canada with a friend a few weeks ago and their ammo supply was just fine. Well stocked with multiple boxes of all calibers and gauges. No shortages there. I'm not usually given to conspiracy theories but even given all the panic buying and the foreign wars, how is it that the ammo companies can't just add more capacity? That's supposed to be the very essence of free market reaction by manufacturers isn't it?
I regularly monitor the websites of gun control groups and I was in a conversation/intel gathering session with a fed LEO poster who stated that the ATF estimates that the American people have around a two-year supply of ammo stashed away. And that is just what they want only less. They like that trend. Said the fed: "What do you call an AK-47 without any ammo? Me: What? Punchline: A club!" I'm sure you guys get the idea here.
Bottom line: You just can't be too cynical or too paranoid when dealing with these people.