Could Guns Really Be Effectively Banned in America?


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Same ol story over and over.

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Robert Wenzel (from the article):

    "...I wonder, if people, calling for a ban on guns, have really thought out their position. It just doesn't make sense. Guns won't be effectively banned---only guns owned by the good people will be turned in..."

I respect Wenzel, but wonder if he "..thinks out his position.." when whining and nagging over government machinations. Never, never, never fall for the idea that anything uttered or legislated by psychopaths under the mantle of "the government" should "..make sense.."


Here's another take on the Connecticut debacle: could genuine psychopaths carry something like this off? I don't doubt it for one minute, even though I don't consider myself a "conspiracy theorist". But I've definitely grown past the naivety of thinking something proclaimed by a state agent ("Senator", "Representative", "President") should "...make sense..." These individuals were born with the ingrained capability of looking out onto a vast television audience with the most sincere look imaginable and telling gross lies with absolute impunity.

I'm convinced the very first politician was aptly described in the Hebrew Book, Genesis 3. I don't expect a whole lot of you reading this on STR to agree, but that doesn't change Truth if that's in fact what it is: Truth. You may be correct -- it might be simple mythology. Who am I to know for certain? Empirical reason bears me out.

I just know these gangsters "serving" in the capacity of The State will do ANYTHING to disarm potential victims -- victims of state sponsored mass murders.

Daily Bell had an interesting article recently -- not so much about "gun control" fraud, but false flag event creation in general. History shows that these people that your neighbors, friends and family members march out and "vote" for (or against) in their "elections" will enact events -- wars -- that give rise to the slaughter of millions upon millions.

And the masses love it: they'll march and sing anthems and aggrandize "Our Independence" to the tune of all that blood and mayhem.

The enormity of the truth is incredible.


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Greetings sam,

Is Genesis 3 suppose to be a bit of irony here following the first politician. As I looked at it I began to laugh a bit as I considered the figure heads we have living in Camelot D.C. I could see two sides but the funny one was the most interesting.

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If you think that's funny, Glock27, read, and decipher, what is described to the "sovereigns of God" when they tell Samuel, "make us a king ...[t]hat we also may be like all the nations; and that our king may judge us, and go out before us, and fight our battles". lol See 1Samuel 8:5-18.

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Wenzel's article is very good.
On Saturday I spent some time on a newspaper's on-line live forum, and saw over and over that he's right: otherwise apparently intelligent people are calling for a 100% gun ban.
It wasn't clear that they were calling for police also to be unarmed. I suspect not.
My response to one of them used an argument Wenzel did not. It was that there are something like 60 million gun owners in America, very many of whom feel passionately about their right to own them, and in the face of a total ban some (let's say, 10%) would refuse to comply.
My adversary had also called for a 50-year prison sentence for such scofflaws, so I did the math for him. 6 million imprisoned for 50 years is 300 million person years, @ $30,000 a pop. That's $9 trillion, for the taxpayer. I asked whether he was ready to pony up his share. I saw no reply.