Court Upholds Domestic Drone Use in Arrest of American Citizen


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This is only one of many points that convinces me that it is totally useless to chat about freedom and liberty. When people live under these conditions you cannot convince me that we are free. This merely proves that those whom are libertarian, anarchist, or voluntarist are and have become slaves to a governmental agency and a judicial branch, both of which are gradually evolving into a tyrannical group of sub-human aliens. Why it is so important for a government to need to subject its subjects to such a tyranny is beyoned my limited reasoning ability. It makes as much sense to me as a nut bag putting a puppy in a microwave and turning it on high.

The ideas and philosophies presented on this site are Utopic and reflects the kind of society I would love to see evolve, but I fear it has only reach the chat phase and become nothing more. Action speaks louder than words, but what kind of action needs to be taken?

I hear so much about non-aggression until you are aggressed upon. This group has been aggressed upon, maybe not individually, but collectively, the ideology each holds dearly has, is and will be continually aggressed upon by the feebel guberment, and kangaroo court. What are you willing to do to stop the aggression that is occuring because all this talk is not going to achieve anything. Can this delimmia be answered?

I denegrate my humanity by writing to my legislators, unleashing the nicest kind or wrath over their idiotic actions, but I an a lone wolf baying at the full moon. Futile. My efforts fall on deaf ears and I know it, but I also know if thousands of voices were to speak up they would listen and maybe do the right thing. Look at what occurred with "Chick-fil-a".


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I would recommend "Gandhi An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments With Truth" to you, I suspect that it might be illuminating. The power of words is quite astonishing. As is simply ignoring the beast.