The Craigslist Market for Erotic/Adult Services


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I wrote an article (far more racy than what I write here) for "A Voice for Men" about prostitution, and I linked to an article from The Independent Institute that shows rape and homicide rates compared to the availability of sex per country. The general trend is: the more sex taking place in a specific country, the more likely that country is to see a downtrend in both rape and homicide. It isn't an exact corollary each time, but almost.

When prostitution, or any other good or service that people want, is made illegal, when the government initiates coercion in any free market matter, the end result is death. With the softly coercive stigma against prostitution (and the male sex drive in general), the result tends to be the same: more rape and more murder.

I am in no way excusing rapists and murderers, but we're talking about cause and effect. You want less of the effect? Don't be the cause. Leave Craigslist alone.