Dear Obama Supporters


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Cheers Mhstahl,

I thought question 2 was dumb and irrelevant and there were wads of other questions of significant value and importance.
1. His relationship to Jherimia Wright.
2. Why he refused to permit defensive efforts to protect the Ambassador to Lybia?
3. Why he supports the criminal Holder over fast and furious
4. Why he supports and believes in the Muslim Brotherhood?
5. Why he hates America so much?
6. Why he has a relationship with Bill Ayers?
7. Why he appointed a self avowed communist Van Jones into a government post.
8. Why he supports failing companies with millions of dollars only for them to collapse anyway and he knew they were going to collapse?
9. Why is he letting Iran build an atomic bomb?
10. Why he hates the Jews?

Why are the legislators permitting him to get away with treasonist acts against America?
I can't understand why people even voted for him again, are we really that stupid? And since no one or very, very few support voting on this site why are these issues really relevant at all?