Declare 9-11 'Government Blowback Day'

By Lawrence M. Ludlow.
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This September 11, let’s help to change the “meme” that has been used by the U.S. government to terrorize Americans into submission and to cynically manipulate the grief of those who lost loved ones in the 9-11 attack of 2001. This year in your community, join hands with others who understand the meaning of the event. Carry signs and wear black armbands. Remind people that the civilian victims of September 11, 2001 were the inevitable result of blowback from the U.S. government’s policy of international meddling. For too long, the U.S. government – Congress, the president, and their minions – has escaped the wrath of those who lost loved ones on 9-11. By means of a perpetual stream of lies, it has side-stepped blame and pointed its bloody finger at others who live far away. Now is the time to help those who lost loved ones in the attack to identify the source of the calamity: the U.S. government and its foreign policy. It is manufacturing new victims and new enemies each day. It’s time to strike the root. Please use the following press release in your community as a basis to announce and tailor your own local event. It’s time for those who lost loved ones to stop enabling the “power pushers” by wringing their hands in grief. It’s time to channel the grief and anger and lay it all at the doorstep of those who caused the tragedy and are perpetuating the misery. Maybe this press release will help. Insert your own local group, and make yourself heard.
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San Diego Complete Liberty Declares Sept. 11th “Government Blowback Day”

-- Wear a black armband on September 11; tell the world you didn’t swallow the Big Lie --
SAN DIEGO, CA – September 6, 2010 – The San Diego “Complete Liberty Meetup” group joins other voluntaryists, private-property anarchists, and libertarians by declaring September 11th a day of remembrance: Government Blowback Day. This September 11, nine years will have passed since the price of the U.S. government’s meddling foreign policy was paid by innocent people. Despite the passing of time, gullible people still believe the Big Lie that was cooked up in the Washington, D.C. “lie factory” – namely, that the terrorists “hate us for our freedom.” What freedom? The spy cameras? Phone and email surveillance? The high taxes? The Patriot Act? The paranoia? The promise of endless wars and new terrorists to come? We are tired of the nonsense. On September 11, the first Government Blowback Day will remind the lunatics in Washington, D.C. that some of us know the real reasons for the attacks. The terrorists made no secret about why they attacked: (1) U.S. government support for the apartheid state of Israel, (2) the presence of U.S. armed forces in Islamic holy places, and (3) the U.S. sanctions that killed over 500,000 children in Iraq as of 1995 (and continued until Dubya started his “war on terror” that will never end with Obama).
September 11 is a day to remember the real cause of terrorism: the president, the Congress, and their foreign policy. Their policy ignores the warnings of George Washington, John Quincy Adams, and James Madison, the framer of the Constitution. The U.S. government caused the terrorism, but it will not take responsibility for it. It will not repent. It will not change its ways. Instead, it has attempted to distract the American people by inventing lies to pin the blame on others. By means of these lies, it has co-opted many of those who lost loved ones in the attack – using them as tools to continue its socialistic policy of war. We can only hope that they will wake up and become angry about how the U.S. government has used them in the most cynical way possible to promote its own ends: power over others for its own sake, more spending, and less freedom.
Even worse, the government continues to create new enemies with each passing day, and the U.S. military cannot protect us from the inevitable blowback caused by this policy. From more than 700 military bases located in over 100 countries, the U.S. government continues to sponsor the same activities that triggered the September 11 attacks. Sucking up billions of tax dollars each year, the maniacs in Washington, D.C. threaten new sanctions against other nations – the very same policy that failed in Cuba and Iraq and everywhere else it has been tried. These actions have only one result: they put innocent people at risk both here and in the “target” nations. But while the president and congress put the lives of U.S. taxpayers at risk, they hide behind security devices and hardened facilities and armed protectors – all paid for by us. They use our taxes to create enemies around the world, and then they use our tax dollars to protect themselves from the blowback! It’s the perfect government program! They leave civilians burning and crushed in the World Trade Center, and we now live in a prison-camp-like nation of infants, where we are told what to think and do in more ways than we can count.
Government Blowback Day is a reminder that government is the problem, not the solution. Join us in remembering – while we still can. Wear a black armband on September 11. Do it after work if you can’t while at work.
San Diego’s Complete Liberty Meetup group consists of people who understand that politics is a dead end. We support only voluntary relationships, and consequently we will not point a gun at your head to get what we want. We leave the violence of government to the political left, right, and middle.

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Thank you for your comments on this post -- some of which have claimed it was a false-flag operation. Certainly the people in government are capable of such a tactic, and while it may be true that the 9-11 attack was a false-flag operation, since I am not certain of that, I have represented it as a blowback event. We do know -- after the testimony of FBI whistle-blower Colleen Rowley -- that many in the government knew about it ahead of time, and of course there is that famous photo (printed in the Newark Star-Ledger) of the Israeli art students dancing on the roof of a Jersey City apartment with the WTC burning in the background. Beyond that, I can't say much. If you know more, you are welcome to comment or point out a good link.

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Were the comments deleted, or did somebody PM you? Either way, your idea is a good one.

Lawrence M. Ludlow's picture

Hi, B.R.: I was sent this posting privately to my email. I'll leave off the writer's name:

Hey Lawrence, 911 wasn't blowback it was a false flag black op perpetrated on the American people by the Israeli's and their sayanim neocon allies in the Bush Administration! This blowback theory is just another layer in the onion of lies! Have a nice day!

B.R. Merrick's picture

Thanks for clarifying that, Lawrence. That e-mail is part and parcel of the reason why those of us in the Truth Movement have such a hard time being taken seriously. There are indisputable facts that reveal how we have been lied to, and then there are unsubstantiated conclusions. Very sad.

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Hi, B.R.: I know what mean. Since I have no expertise in that area, I don't deny or affirm it. But I know how it can be. For example, with respect to the JFK assassination, about which I have read extensively, it is clear to me that there was a coverup and more than one shooter (and Oswald was not one of them), but if you try to explain some of the evidence to someone who is psychologically unable to deal with the possibility of being lied to about the matter by a kangaroo commission such as the Warren Commission, their fright alone sends them running for cover. And of course, there are the many "false flag" theorists who posit impossible alternatives to Oswald, which are intended to discredit those who have genuine evidence. It's all about muddying the water at that point, which leaves some people throwing up their hands in despair -- thinking they cannot possibly untangle the threads of lies and almost lies, etc. The GovCo disinformation network, of course, has been at this a long time. I wish I could speak more authoritatively about the WTC issue on this matter, but I haven't made a big project of researching it. That's why I simply take a hands-off approach to it -- as I do with any subject about which I have no expertise. But thanks for pointing this out to me.

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you can prove blowback AND government ineptitude in just one step.
it takes several steps to prove government executing "the plan."

we hate the state. the blowback theory serves this end. let's do it.

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Perhaps these CafePress stickers and buttons will be helpful. I have linked back to your article from this page...:

Best regards,

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Thanks, Negator and Dennis. And those stickers and badges will be fun. We're making signs this weekend as well. And we may be moving the whole thing to downtown San Diego for more exposure.