The Defense Budget: Ignorance Is Not Bliss


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If Winslow T. Wheeler "were presiding over this mess", he just might be an acquintance, friend, or ally of Dov S. Zakheim, an ugly, oily Jew who appeared on the cover of CFO magazine during the first term of Bush I. At the time Dov was comptroller at the DoD, and then, too, the DoD was experiencing accounting irregularities, just as any intelligent person should be able to predict would be the case under military communism. Sure enough, Dov's fingerprints are all over Reagan's presidency; then, too, he was involved with the DoD.

It just so happened that between stints at the DoD, Dov helped to write PNAC's screed for imperialism and warmongering, Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century. It's a fascinating outline of how the USA might be turned into something like the republic of Star Wars, though not necessarily with light sabres or with TIE fighters that have enourmous blind spots that no test pilot would tolerate. (Perhaps the absurd designs of those fighters are evidence of the underappreciated humor of George Lucas. In a Star Wars video game that came out in the 1990s, the game programmers named a company that made TIE Fighters, no doubt for profit in that world, too.)

Anyhow, this ought to prompt a few questions. "Who does Dov work for now? How does that business obtain its revenues?" I suspect that the answer to the first is Booz Allen Hamilton. As you can see, Booz Allen Hamilton is grease on the skids of crony capitalism. Sure enough, BAH knows how to pander to rabble and do-goodniks with the usual nostrums and platitudes about service to the community:

"Bettering our world
Beyond management and technology consulting, Booz Allen takes its role as good corporate citizen very seriously. Bettering our world is part of the fabric of the firm—whether through volunteerism, pro bono engagements, fundraising, corporate philanthropy, or activating the business community through service to the community—globally and locally."

Now, who can doubt that the congenial management and owners of BAH would employ hitmen to stop anyone and everyone who wants to wreck their lucrative business?