DHS Buys 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammo


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Now I know why I can't get any ammo for my firearms DHS.

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"A solicitation posted yesterday on the Fed Bid website details how the bullets are required for the DHS Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico."

"The solicitation asks for 10 million pistol cartridge .40 caliber 165 Grain, ~jacketed Hollow point~ bullets (100 quantities of 100,000 rounds) and 10 million 9mm 115 grain ~jacketed hollow point~ bullets (100 quantities of 100,000 rounds)."

Required for the training center? Bull MFin' shit! Hollow points for training? Only if you're shooting at live targets and want to see just how much pretty red splatter you can make. No one uses hollow points to train with; they're way to expensive for anything other than actual operational use, and it would be ludicrous to use them on a range when you could use cheap-assed ball rounds instead. It's amazing just how stupid these bastards must think we all are...!

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I too was skeptical of this and contacted NRA and GOA regarding the huge orders being placed. Neither organization seemed to be overly concerned. Their response is that most of it is for required training but why does HLS need to train with firearms? Handgun combat is not something they should be engaged in. But this was when the FBI, CIA, U.S. Marshels offies etc were ordering huge amounts. Who's buying up all the .223 and 5.56
Hope you are ready. I am not near ready I am a few thousand rounds short. Thought about handloading but good luck in finding any ofthat either.