Do Sweatshops Belong in a Free Market?


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Since employees of civil government have so egregiously infused themselves into what semblance of a market there is left it would be difficult to define "sweatshop" with any objectivity. If you're not a prostitute or a drug dealer or perhaps another participant in a "black market" you wouldn't know much about a "free market" (or market-anarchism) to start with.

As an anarchist I do not "support sweatshops". Do I ask for the parasites of state to intervene to "prevent" the not-so-good jobs from coming about? No. There will be good jobs and bad jobs. But the free market will allow employment for anybody wishing to work. There will be no "unemployment".


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You are wrong, Michael. Sweatshops are consistent with freedom, as are prostitution, drug addiction, and other such things. The point is not to make freedom palatable to people by lying about it, or imagining it will be utopia. It's good enough that it will be better than all the alternatives, and it is that.