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Goodness is the only investment that never fails.  ~ Henry David Thoreau 

Hopefully you've enjoyed Strike The Root since I started it in 2001.  I know others have, because they've told me.  But as someone who seeks constant improvement, I want to make it better.  Indeed, I have big plans for STR.

I'm sure you've enjoyed some of the original columns by Root Strikers.  I'd like to continue to attract high-quality writers by paying them for their work.  But that takes money.  It also takes money to run this site.  I have to pay for web hosting, Internet access, a professional developer, etc.  (STR is a not-for-profit enterprise, and all revenue that exceeds operating expenses goes to pay Root Strikers for columns.)

So if you'd like to help me strike at the roots of evil, please make a donation.  If you donate at least $30, I'll send you an STR T-shirt.  If you donate at least $60, I'll send you two T-shirts and two bumper stickers.  If you donate at least $100, I'll send you three T-shirts, three bumper stickers and include your name under "Supporters" on the main page (if you'd like me to) for a year.

Our Bitcoin address: 14ZdUQkJCKnTStxoGkqJJ7njjkVFcN3oUF

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You can also donate monthly by clicking one of the buttons below.  Monthly donations are very much appreciated because it's money I can count on to help meet operating expenses.  If you sign up to donate monthly, I'll include your name under "Supporters" on the  main page (if you'd like me to) for as long as you donate monthly.

Strike The Root is not tax exempt, and your donations are not tax deductible.  Our efforts are bound by conscience and goodwill, not government regulation or political privilege.  We refuse to be numbered or supervised by any government agency.


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