Driver's Licenses Do Not Make Roads Safer


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Ya know. This also applies to a Concealed Carry. In Michigan you must have 9 hours of gun safety, shooting and laws regarding carring a pistol and the law regarding shooting in self-defense. (Actually I have no problem with that because I want to know that the carry person knows gun safety.) In my class we had one old fart that kept waving a revolver around and pointing it at others. After the third incident the instructors informed him that one more episode of unsafe firearm handeling he would be asked to leave immediately. Yes they informed him on each occassion, but one warning should have been all that was needed.

Carrying a firearm in public places a grave responsibility on the individual and cannot be taken lightly.

Gratefully the Mihigan House of Representatives just passed legislation that you no longer have to go to the nearest police station, take a test on gun safety, pay $10 and have 10 days to purchase the firearm. If not you have to repeat the process. Now you just go to the dealer and purchase the firearm and take it home. Concealed Carry Laws still remain in effect.