Drug Testing of Legislators


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About a decade ago when I lived in WA the idea was floated in the state leg that high school grads should have to take a test that would indicate "objectively" [sic] what they really knew or had competence of and that the test scores would be put on the grad's diploma for all the world to peruse. Then some suggested that the members of the state leg should have to take this test also and have their scores next to their line on the ballot. Heh. The enthusiasm for mandatory tests with published scores idea quickly faded. More to the point I think it would be a great idea to have not just politicians but cops, bureaucrats, military types, and all corporate bail-out recipients take and have published drug and alcohol tests. Corporate welfare recipients are just as worthy of that sort of scrutiny as the single mom who gets food stamps, eh? We could call it the "What's in your bloodstream?"Act modeled after the Capital One credit card ads ("What's in your wallet?"). Fair is fair, eh? Why should one group of welfare recipients be singled out for humiliation but not the others?