The Dumbest Thing I've Read This Week


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Completely agree. Only the bill for an MRI in my area runs more closely to $4000 and I co-pay nearly $500. With the age of the equipment and the numbers of people who are referred to have a MRI or a CT scan, etc. Would clearly pay the machine off in a few weeks time even it they cost 4 or 5 million dollars. MRI's, CT scans, nuclear medicine are money makers for the hospital. Why should they reduce the price? Most have possibly increased their charges. I still have a contention that I believe hospitals and doctors are the real sources in the escalating cost of treatment. We have a limited ability to challenge the outrageous costs.

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    "... I still have a contention that I believe hospitals and doctors are the real sources in the escalating cost of treatment..."

It is the incestuous medical establishment (physicians/hospitals/pharmaceuticals) collusion with psychopaths of state who set the prices in that cartel. Only state agents (senators, legislators, et al.) can create cartels and monopolies -- and "medicine" ranks among the top.

All licensing and regulation and mandatory associations and board certifications amount to is barriers to entry. A totally free market in medicine without government interference would show unbelievably reduced costs.

Snake-oil salesmen to be certain (same as exist today), but total freedom to pick and choose.


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No dispute, only said more succinctly that I was able to. I had a recent CT scan at the cost of $2000 just of the abdominal area. Over an eight year period of my life I have had several CT scans and I note that the machine is identical to the first one. Why I took notice of the particular elements of the machine I don't know, but you know the machine is paid of but the price kept going up for the use of the machine. Essentially I am believing that greed is a powerful factor that will be a road block to true liberty. I understand your position. You have been very clear, pointed and convinced, yet you are compelled to adhere to the laws, rules, regulations and other psychopathic idiocies as well as the paranoia of the elite. I deeply empathize with your position and share similar feelings regarding liberty and freedom. The thing which aggravates me is that the arguments presented here, stay here. Isolation is not a modality in which change is made. I have read so many articles here I wish they could be circulated to every American, but now I am certain that these actions would be considered as acts of terror. Recently (how true it is I cannot verify) but Christians have been placed on a terrorist watch list. If you are Muslim, or hindu or worshiper of the great spirit in the sky you are not included in this.
I have a young son who is a radical looser because he says exactly what he means regardless of who you are and he told me one day that "Dad. The biggest problem this country faces is that it has too many people. We need to get rid of some." I asked him if he included himself as being one of those persons that needed to be removed, and he said "Hell yes I am. I have absolutely nothing to offer to assist in making this a better place. All I do is make it worse and give people reason to believe so." Talk about being stunned.
Out of the chance that you will read this I want to sincerely thank you in a kind of public way for your kindness and patients. Paul and Alex are more whom have been gentle with me in helping me to grasp and inculcate the ideology. Sam. Thank you in the deepest and most sincere appreciation I have to offer you. If there is ever anything I might be able to help you out please let me know via e-mail or message and I will do my best to help.