Elected Mass Murderer Rubs-Out Competing Gang Leader in Turf War

Column by Lawrence M. Ludlow.
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On Sunday, the elected mass murderer and head of the world’s largest organization of violent thugs (headquartered at lavish facilities in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere) crowed over the success of a hit-squad that rubbed out the small-scale thug that it created during the late 1970s to do its dirty work against the second-largest violent gang (known as Soviets in their neighborhood), which had been engaged at the time in a battle over turf in Afghanistan. The elected Washington-based mass murderer-in-chief managed to pack as many lies, half-truths, and misleading statements (as well as overusing the adjective “clear”) into a tawdry victory speech full of bellicose saber rattling as his elected mass-murdering predecessor, who was most notable for being unable to pronounce the word “nuclear” and consequently spawned an entire cottage industry of sycophantic imitators who also seemed unable to pronounce this word correctly.
The gang-subsidized parasites and hit-men employed by the Washington-based gang shamelessly crowed about their tawdry victory by utilizing state-controlled media channels, and these media channels assisted the elected mass murderer in keeping up the illusion that the citizens who were under the thumb of the Washington-based mass murderer were somehow safer now that the leader of their one-time subsidiary gang had been rubbed out. The elected mass murderer also was careful not to allow into his tawdry victory statement the meme that it was his own organization that was responsible for creating the smaller criminal organization in the first place and that his organization’s free-wheeling policy of worldwide murder rampages and financial assistance to allied violent gangs engaged in turf wars was responsible for provoking the retaliatory attack of the leader of the Afghanistan-based franchise gang on September 11, 2001 against one of the cities controlled by the Washington-based gang.
Because of the massive number of lies and half-truths – as well as the general avoidance of speaking frankly about the nature of the retaliatory attack and the related violent activities of the Washington-based organization – a large number of people in the geographical landmass controlled by the Washington-based gang will continue to allow themselves to be systematically ordered around; abused, molested, stripped, X-rayed, and photographed naked at airports; forced to reward the servants and allies of the gang with their hard-earned money; regularly suffer from the consequences of the gang’s turf wars with other vicious agencies (known as collateral damage); told what kinds of foods, beverages, and drugs that they as peaceful people may ingest; forced to “purchase” unwanted and wanted “services” from monopoly providers against their will; pay for dozens of expensive and inhumane prison camps, where people are incarcerated for engaging in peaceful behaviors that are forbidden to all but members of the gang; told where and when they may conduct business to feed their families; be subjected to injections of syphilis and other dangerous substances; forced to surrender their children to institutions where these children learn to obey members of the gang and also may learn some valuable skills (not very well) to make them capable of generating more wealth for the violent organization; suffer from the violent activities of many small criminal drug gangs that were fostered in urban and suburban areas by a policy of making substances illegal (again creating innocent victims of those living near turf battles); and would continue to suffer from the ravages of being systematically kidnapped, tortured, secretly renditioned, and targeted for assassination by the Washington-based gang. Otherwise, it was a typical Sunday.

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Paul's picture

Watch out, Lawrence. After all, "A man that should call everything by its right name, would hardly pass the streets without being knocked down as a common enemy ," as Lord Halifax pointed out.

Lawrence M. Ludlow's picture

Yes, all of the drooling morons and tax-subsidized parasites were crowing last night. It's 3rd-century Rome all over again, eh?

Lawrence M. Ludlow's picture

PS: I'm waiting for some sign of intelligence in either NYC or DC, but not holding my breath.

Lawrence M. Ludlow's picture

By the way, I've been asked why I think it is significant that Obama the Bloody uses the word "clear" so often. Here's the answer. When Dubya was Murderer in Chief, he overused adverbs such as "clearly" whenever he was saying something that was a lie or as clear as mud. It's a way to bolster up a weak talking point. He overused other adverbs as well to prop up his claims. Some brilliant genius of style within the Obama regime was hip to that, and what was his/her brilliant solution to making Obama sound un-Dubya (to use Orwellian Newspeak)? Instead of overusing adverbs (ending in "ly"), the new president simply overused adjectives such as "clear" whenever he is saying an unsupportable non sequitur.

tzo's picture

If 9/11 was a crime, and Bin Laden was a suspect, then Yay, we killed the suspect? What if he did nothing? Where was his trial? Ah, that process is reserved for real human beings, not for troglodytes who are dim enough to be born outside of the magic lines. It only took 10 years and a few thousand subhuman lives to get him, which was certainly worth it. Unfortunately, more than just a few real human beings from the US of A died, too. Better keep wiping those animals off the face of the Earth to teach them a lesson about how they need to treat their betters.

I almost wish I believed in heaven and hell.

"Begging mercies for their sins,
Satan laughing spreads his wings."

B.R. Merrick's picture

"Where was his trial?"

No need for grand jury investigations anymore. You'll find grand jury investigations into every other terrorist attack you can think of that in any way involved Americans, but not you-know-what.

Apparently, when you're bad-ass enough, even a grand jury isn't necessary. Gosh, he really was that evil, wasn't he?

Lawrence M. Ludlow's picture

I understand the need to believe that something can somehow make sense of this madness. We want things to have meaning instead of just being some half-assed video sequences of stupid frat-party boys shouting and fist-pumping in NYC and in DC over the death of today's Goldstein. Someone once said that I'm a crypto-Catholic because I like some of the (admittedly few) positive aspects of some members of the Catholic faith.

Mark Davis's picture

This is just a little to neat and tidy for my cynical self to buy whole. I can see why the US Thugs would go ahead and shoot him, because a trial would bring up too many inconvenient truths and Osama would likely get acquitted. But why not show his body to everyone so we could verify that Goldstein is really dead? Or wasn’t already dead? The timing of Obama preempting Trump’s TV show to get hero worship face time, and in the process also throw the birther certificate BS off the front page, is just an amazing coincidence.

Lawrence M. Ludlow's picture

Yeah, it's a lot like that "sanitizing" job that happened to Oswald and at Waco and at the WTC site. How convenient that OBL will not be able to give testimony and to name names (of embarrassed allies) and to cite reasons for hating the US Gov-Co operation that has killed between 4 and 5 million people since the end of WW2. Heck, there might be some grand photos of Cheney and his ilk doing air-kisses with OBL in some tent somewhere. I can just see the frightened face of the sheep as Cheney and Dubya do the bedroom-eye thing to the poor sheep's flanks.