EMF Health Alert Issued by Former Silicon Valley Tech Expert: “Wireless Wake-Up Call”


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"It is also becoming clear that it is not a purely anti-tech “Luddite” crowd who distrusts the bill of goods we are being sold by the government and industry about the safety of modern devices."

I think that the premise for this statement is a deeply mistaken one. There are very few actual "Luddites" (outside of, say, conservative Amish orders which explicitly eschew certain technologies, for their own reasons).

The term is largely a device for smearing people who do not believe that certain technologies are as great as their proponents claim them to be. One sees this smear tactic used often against critics of GMO's and vaccines. These people are supposedly "anti-science". It is complete BS. Such folks have no objections to science or technology per se. But it is a convenient way to denounce opponents as heretics in an age where science and technology have become gods.