Eric Holder: Yes, Your Government Can Drone You to Death on U.S. Soil


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We are in a time when the nation is filled with people from the lowest end of the spectrum to the very top end of the spectrum of indespicpable people; individuals with unequivocally no conscience at all. Virtually every member that slithers across the marble floors is titillated by the thrill running up and down their legs all the time regarding some level of power they have. The human race is the worst of the species. It kills its babies before and after birth, it steals, robs, rapes, tortures among the few atrocities humans are capable of doing.
When you talk about freedom, what’s your limit to what you will do? How far will you go to assure that you have freedom whatever it is? How do you define freedom for yourself and others? It is clear the Watermelon house has set no limits. You personally are worthless to the [o]bama administration. If you are killed in one of these strikes you are just collateral damage they do not give a S**t, as long as they get the person they want that is all that matters. This is exactly what Holder has informed the American People. We do not count we are worthless, matter of fact we are not even notable among human beings. We are slaves now and will continue to be slaves. I did read some encouraging words from a former Marine SOG and former LEO. First he says if there is civil unrest the UN will not be coming. They are a guard force and not much for fighting. If you do a cursory survey of what the UN had done when they were called in, their performance was exactly nothing. Calling in the guard will be useless because, not of them will report for duty. LEOs is not trained to put down civil disobedience. Martial law is the only thing left, and he assures everyone that they will refuse to obey the commands because they are Unconstitutional. So why all the peppers? It is the scoundrels who will band together. What can be done if your child is hungry, starving, what good is freedom going to do for his or her belly, what about safety—who you gonna call? What will you do? What are your limits regarding freedom when it comes to the health, safety and welfare of your family? To Holder and [o]bama you do not mean even zero to them. As long as they get what then, they are as happy as pigs rolling around in mud. Will the droans be used? Yes. I have unquestionably no doubt in my body that they will as well as LEO’s.
If you have not started to prep in the least little bit I feel sorry f, or you and your family. Prepping now is getting to be more difficult because to cost of food etc., The cost of food is skyrocketing making it almost impossible to put away a few extra things WTSHTF or WTWEAWKI. Civil unrest, civil disobedience. Do you trust your next door neighbor, will they provide you safety and comfort when the cold winds fly and snow storms hits. You can bet Holder and [o]bama will be setting o.k. They will not lift a finger to help just as they have done nothing in all the other emergencies that have recently occurred.
Yes. Droans will be used on Americans on American soil