The Errors of the Economists: What is Money?


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I do not trust any human being to issue a monetary unit. It will always become corrupt over time. That is why gold and silver have always been money. It has to be dug out of the ground, refined and minted. It can be tested for weight and purity by even the simplest of people. It can’t be printed ad infinitum. If men were angles we wouldn’t need gold and silver.Gold and Silver are not a perfect solution. AS usual Government (evil men) grant special licenses and privileges to other evil men to manipulate, monopolize and impede the market flow of money. This type of activity will need to be viewed by all men as akin to murder and punished at the end of a rope or barrel of a gun. Gold and Silver are not perfect but vastly superior to Utopian pipe dream of fiat currency.

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Well said.