Evelyn Towry, 8-Year-Old Autistic Girl, Arrested and Handcuffed for Throwing Tantrum


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Reading the article was eye opening. Reading the following comments was deafening.

Of the nearly 150 comments (at the time I read the article), none of them addressed the real issue: The government is both educating and arresting the child. Government: the entity funded by taxpayer money. The parents may want to sue this government and in all likelyhood will receive some kind of compensation in the form of taxpayer money. The only real loser here will be the taxpayer.

If every teacher I knew (and many of them are unemployed because their states are going broke) would just turn their backs on government and the special interest unions that proclaim to support them, they may be able to focus on getting down to the real business of teaching (and genuinely caring) about students. And parents, given the choice, why do they not even entertain the thought of having all taxes abolished which fund a failed education system and instead use that money to educate their own children as they see fit? Do we need a state entity ultimately serving special interest and furthermore growing into a behemoth with no soul to help our children-all of them-see the potential they each may have as individuals, whether they have disabilities or not?

Asperger's syndrome is serious. Treating a little girl with this disorder as a common criminal is Draconian. Our system has broken to the point where government could ultimately institute a new form of segregation (I won't say eugenics although nothing government does should suprise us) and the 'average' American would be okay with this. Tell this to an 'average' American and they will likely laugh and call you a crackpot. Then, maybe, we can feel nervous?