FBI Begins Installation of $1 Billion Face Recognition System Across America


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Before you wail or gnash your teeth or wring your hands over this phenomenon perpetrated by predators gathered in groups and calling themselves "The-State", please read this. de la Boétie understood almost 500 years ago that which should be ingrained into the minds of anybody who stumbles onto this web site and/or stays here more than a day or two.

Granted, technology in just the past couple years appears to allow the parasites unlimited power to seek out victims for their bloodsucking. And we know those vultures collectively will seek out every opportunity to do so. One "FBI" flunky seems to have the ability to isolate one victim that s/he can persecute out of millions of individuals with just a click of a mouse.

But never forget Étienne de la Boétie.

The collectivists are also putting themselves into a position to implode violently and abruptly onto themselves. That's not a "whether", it's a "when". Let's help them along with it. The Bushes and the Obamas and their ilk have driven a very large percentage of what was once the producing "sector" off this continent and out "..into the third world".

Even those hordes of highly educated dweebs collecting large government paychecks are not so naive as to not see the storm a-brewing. The monumental mountain of debt cannot sustain (what a nice collectivist term). Those scraps of paper you have in your wallet with pictures of dead parasites will abruptly become of no value whatsoever.

Faith is a-waining. Convert them to items of survival while you can.

And whatever you do, Abstain From Beans.


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"Convert them to items of survival while you can." ~ Samarami

Sound advice, in my opinion.