Fed Injects Record $100 Billion Cash Into Foreign Banks Operating In The US In Past Week


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Hang onto your pre-1965 US coins, mates!

Also pre-1982 pennies (90% copper). For 1982 pennies you can make a simple scale by using double-stick scotch tape with a "zinc' (1983+) penny on one end, a tube "fulcrum" in the middle. A little more than 1/2 of 1982 pennies were copper -- until the criminals who've monopolized "money" discovered the serfs wouldn't know the difference if they debased 'em.

What you've always known as "Our-Great-Nation" were in reality lying, thieving scoundrels.

The enormity of the truth is incredible.


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Botom end to all this twill do no good. When society collapses what good is gold and silver and copper, paladium and platinum. You cannot eat it, or drink it, or bater with it. My perspective is buy a bullet reloading press and plenty of brass and bullets with primer and powder (good luck finding this stuff--everywhere I look they are sold out, or want double its value, even old used ones). Stock up on non perishables (this is canned goods also) water, fuel in propane, gasoline, wood, alcohol, toilet paper it barterable. I would't give you a roll of paper for a hand full of gold at that time.
Van Jones Former [o]bama linch pin explained it "top down, bottom up, inside out. The Fedgov pressures people with taxes and other s**t. Humans get pissed and start to rise, the feds put insitgators and aggitators in the mix like at "occupy wall street" and the whole "S**t can explodes. MARTIAL LAW, the troops march in and shoot us up or round us up and head us off to one of their interment camps known as FEMA housing. I understand they have 800 such places already.
Concluding comment. I will be dead before I see society return to peace. Its ironic. Somewhere in the bible it says there shall be no peace till there is justice. Whacko if you wanna call me but I am believing the Bible has stuff in there about today and the coming future 99.999999% have no idea about because they are so dismissive of it. Thinking I should reconsider my position on this???