Feeding Infants Mother’s Milk is Like a Vaccination, without the Vaccine


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This comment to the article (by Popular Science of all folks) augments a comment I just made to Ken on another thread. My ongoing mantra is that the human family is the only legitimate governing unit. Others are merely coercive interlopers, enforcing their "jurisdiction" with loaded firearms. I look forward to the day that genuine anarchy prevails, and those intruders are all cast into outer darkness.

I have no idea how it happens that Moms are equipped with this immune-giving and highly nourishing milk when they give birth. All I know for certain is that they are -- most of them. I'm not a religious man, but I consider this function of human procreation a miracle. Watch this old 9 minute video, by a true scientist who appears to be more religious than I:



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Got to admit the way it all comes together so perfectly is a miracle if anything is.

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Alternatively if the composition of the milk had been anything other than perfectly suited to the job, we would not be here to wonder at it.  That's what evolution does; the best survive, the rest don't.
However, the wonder is real enough. We do truly live in a marvelous universe.

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    "...We do truly live in a marvelous universe..."

Well said. I choose to use the term "marvelous" also -- simply due to the knee-jerk reactions of some of my very dear friends who might interpret "miraculous" to be a religious lament. That entire squabble is eerie, when you boil it down. Because nobody knows.

Even our old and late friend, Carl Sagan, no friend to "religion" -- but also not a friend toward "atheism" -- didn't claim to "know".

He was smilingly philosophical toward both extremes. Which, I submit, might be the attitude best suited to all of us at STR who are genuinely serious about making a difference to folks who might be considering "joining our ranks" after this dog-and-pony show is over next month. Referring, of course, to the U.S. "election". Sam