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The bastards responsible for the 20 young children being slaughtered are the f**king legislators and their smarter than thou attitude that the 2nd amendment does not apply to all legal, law abiding citizens. I don't know Connecuits gun laws but I am betting it has a "Criminal empowerment zone" meaning if you legally possess a concealed carry weapon you cannot bring it on school grounds much less in the classroom. Yep. Them thar legislators knew what they were talkin bout--cause they'er smarter than us and I bet they still think more gun laws is going to change things. Well, they are right, it will make the criminal easier sources to target. Ask any criminal you know (if you know one) if they really give a s**t about the law. The ones I know just laugh. Any anti-gun person has absolutely no concept of the criminal mind and they really don't care to know. They ignore all the collected data regarding firearms and crimes.

This coming year it is predicted that Florida will become the first state to have 1,000,000 concealed carry permits active.

Now, back to the school. If the principal and teachers there had been armed the rage would have ended quickly and fewer kids dead. If you survey all the huge crimes like this one, all have been nut cases ,and people knew that they were quirkie. As you can see the fellow who went into the school with his firearm didn't give a S**t about FBI records show that for a violent crime it takes LEO's approximately 5 to 30 minutes to arrive on scene. By that time the crime is completed and the crap head is either gone or blew his own brains out.
When I applied for my permit I did not mind registering my firearm, nor did I object to having to take a gun safety class despite the fact I probably knew more about gun safety than those who taught it. I also don't mind taking extra classes to obtain the enhanced permit.
My position is that everyone should be able to carry open and drag along with you should you care to and AR15 or an m_16 or an AK-47, or a semi-auto 12 guage shotgun. I believe you should be able to drag around a sword of your choice if that's what you want. LEO's cannot protect youmand courts all the way to the U.S. Supreme court have ruled that the police have absolutely no obligation to protect the citizens from an assault of any form, even if they are watching it from 40 yards away.
I understand the fellow who did the shooting had autism. It was obviously not of the severe nature. If it had been he may not have been able to find the school room. Why he did what he did will probably shock many of us when they arrive at the conclusion. Personally, the person responsible is the one who made access to the weapon is responsible and should be arrested and stand trial for the murders.
That's all, but I have a lot more I could expound upon.

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Erudite, Glock.
I spent some time yesterday posting on a newspaper forum about this (100 posts an hour, it was wild) and the other posters were almost wall-to-wall statists, spewing anti-gun platitudes they had been taught in school. Not one of them said anything as profound as you do here.

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"...I did not mind registering my firearm..."

You might mind when members of the political association you registered it with come to take it away, though, huh?

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Since non registration and paying the sheriff $10.00 to get a permit to get a gun is out the window nothing has been said about what's to happen with the paperwork. I know some states have issued a burn order. If they do come to get them I suddenly had them all stollen. I am looking for good storage tubes that will go underground. Any thoughts?

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PVC pipes; and be sure to bury scrap metal ALL OVER THE PROPERTY. Make 'em work hard at findin' 'em.

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Lets just take a look at other countries where, at least from the
perspective of a german citizen, People also have easy access to firearms.
For example two very different countries like Switzerland and Thailand.
Both are not free from crime and evil, but such incidents are much less common.
In both countries violence is ostracised, in the buddhist Country violence is
an abomination, a religious motivated taboo.
Here "normal" everyday behaviour that is a bit to harsh or aggressive, otherwise
unimportant for the average European or American, might be enough to get you shunned
by the locals.
Part of the Year I live in Thailand, equipped with several Handguns
and a Saiga KSK for entertainment purposes at the shooting range.

If I shoot a hapless burglar instead as a Punishment for breaking my Window or doorlock
or because I somehow "feel" threatened out of some paranoid siege mentality
or for giving in to my territorial instinct like a dumb animal I would be in serious
trouble and rightfully so !

Police and the family and friends of my Victim would question the balance
of my decision and Threats that once only existed in my Imagination will
become Reality.

Both Societies demand utmost restraint if you use a gun outside a shooting
range, from the civilians as well as from the police.
Of course such a demand wont affect hardcore Criminals or maniacs.
Nevertheless, formulated not as a mere law but as a Society-Standard,
it seems to work for all.
Without restrictive Gunlaws.

As a contrast, a quote from some article here at strike-the-root:

"A fence with a sign warning unwanted guests that once they cross that line, they will be

treated as a threat just like any other trespasser with criminal intent."

So it doesn't matter if this trespasser is just careless, or stupid or unpolite but
otherwise harmless ?
How is it ?
Claim selfdefense, first shoot, ask later?
Or shoot anyway, put this Person in a Wheelchair or casket,
because he is on foreign Land where the owners rule makes him
the ultimate Master of Life and Death ?

If you use a big Club for beating on small Problems, this
behaviour will backfire not only on yourself but on all others too.

All this "Stand your Ground" Nonsense !

And not to mention all the news about the violent prone and triggerhappy
US police that serves and protects the civilians.

The problem is neither a to generous access to firearms nor how to deal
with a limited number of assorted Criminals and Maniacs.
Its about Culture and the Attitude of the Society as a Whole.

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Many states establish their own guidelines. Where I am there must be a clear and eminent danger to life or serious injury or a rape about to occur before you can shoot. Generally stand your ground means if you are attacked and you are in fear for your life or that serious harm is going to come to you then you empty your firearm into center mass and mass center is not the breast bone hickey and gut, center mass starts at the collar bone, just below it and four inches either direction. That is center mass. Shoot anywhere else and you will not be as effective in stopping the attacker.
Breaking into your home is an automatic intent to do harm issue—you shoot, emptying your firearm into the thug. If he is walking out of your house with your $2000 computers, found the $5000 stash you had you cannot shoot. You can do anything else that is less lethal to impede his departure till the police arrive but you do not shoot--unless he reaches into a pocket and pulls out a firearm or knife, then you know you are being threatened with death or bodily injury. Shoot!
When to shoot is a big assed dilemma. I am working on getting my enhanced CPL meaning I can carry in all restricted no gun zones.
Trespassing there is no shooting not even preventing departure unless it is your home as above. Prosecutors are elected so it is to their benefit to prosecute as many as they can regardless of guilt or innocence. So the slightest screw up on your part can send you to the pokey and trial. If you own a firearm at home and you carry concealed, get self-defense insurance. No decent lawyer is going to take you unless you can advance 50 to 100 thousand dollars into escrow.
Carrying a firearm on your person daily is one hell of a responsibility you bear. When I am out I am always conscious of my weapon, I practice and I remain alert at yellow or orange stage. The firearm I carry is the last resort, and that is exactly how a court is going to view it. Alertness is the most crucial factor. If you can see something is going to happen you get yourself and family out of the way. Call 911 before returning and describe yourself to the 911 operator so the cops will recognize you as a good guy but don’t count on them treating you that way. Once they get to the scene you need to get back and let them do what they are suppose to do.
I also carry a personal self-defense insurance that covers bails, attorney fees and etc.
Good luck where ever you are.

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Granted I have never been in America so I dont know how dangerous the every day life on your side is.

But from my own humble experience I know that to develop only halfway decent shooting
skills, especially with a Handgun, you need several Years of Practise and have to spend
a small fortune on ammunition.
From my point of view, everyone who is not willing to spend this time and money, but nevertheless
is walking around carrying a gun with the best Intentions to defend or to help poses a similar threat
to me like a Criminal.
The evaluation of the situation is an even bigger Problem.When you hear about it in the news,
you already have an overview what has happened, but when you are in the middle of the Action its a totally
different story.

"Alertness is the most crucial factor"

Sorry I just have to imagine sitting in a dark Cinema with about a hundred other
armed People maybe a few days after the last amok-incident.
Some silly prank or misunderstanding and the Party can start.
Carrying my own gun with me won´t make me feel much better in this

"Breaking into your home is an automatic intent to do harm issue"

If its in Germany or in Thailand, people come to steal not to hurt.
So you give them a chance to run away, if possible without your possessings
or your money.

Refusing to take the faintest(often only imagined) personal risk together with hysterical Fear
(while having a gun with you should make you calm and selfassured)
as an excuse for violence makes this whole selfdefense claim questionable.
As I said "do it to the other one before he can do it to you" breeds more violence.
You might be the initial Trendsetter, so the next burglar visting you or your neighbor
may have adopted your attitude and no longer be a Thief, but a violent Robber and Murderer.
Its a wrong signal not only for burglars but for all other people too.