Francis Fukuyama Discovers that History Doesn’t End, but Nation-States Can and Do


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Don't know a lot about Francis Fukuyama, but this link takes one to this article:

And Sam (no doubt looked upon as a "troll" over at Bleeding Hearts) made this comment on the essay:

    Thomas Pynchon is quoted as having said, "if they can keep you asking the wrong questions they don't have to worry about answers".

    Two imposing upon one is not freedom. (Thanks, Delmar England)

    I am a sovereign state. I'm astounded at how few "libertarians" make that declaration, or even agree that I indeed can be sovereign. Most argue, bicker, and go right back into statist thinking. And "theory".

    I have no "rights". I have choices. And my choice is to be totally responsible for the security of my property and myself and, to some extent, those I love (to the extent that they want my assistance in their defense). This applies -- whether I reside in Randia, Ruritania, Insula, or New York. Nobody -- certainly anybody associated with a "state" or a "country" or a "nation" -- is going to stand up for my liberty or my freedom.


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Here's the link to the NY Times article for this header:

Strangely, I would probably make almost the very same comment were I to "weigh in" here as I did concerning the "Limits of Secession" article posted on STR below.


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Yeah, I screwed up sam. That was the link I meant to use.  My bad.