Free to Die?


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Universal pollution* from Koch Oil is libertarian.

Universal birth defects** is a result.

Universal health care for the victims?

KOCHsucker says it's evil.

But then, he's well-compensated*** to say so. For his paymaster.

* Pollution linked to birth defects

** Huge rise in birth defects

*** Three Koch foundations contributed $23,030,497 between 1985 and 2002 to the George Mason University, and Walter E. Williams is Distinguished Professor of Economics, George Mason University.

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Now 'trolling' for a "collectivist troll". Wonder if we can get a bite?

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Civilization is a collectivist activity. Walter Williams and the Kock-sucker economists laud the collectivist part of city-Statism (civilization) that increases the wealth of their pay masters, while ignoring the external costs of those collectivist activities.

One can point out the hypocrisy of being for universal pollution and universal birth defects, but being against universal health care for the victims.

Myself, I'm against universal health care. But then I'm against collectivist civilization, and the birth defects and sundry horrors it meets upon its victims.