Fundamentally Flawed Federal Fleece

Column by new Root Striker Scott Outlar.

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What happened to the foundational philosophy upon which America was formed? The ideas of liberty, self responsibility, honor, justice, courage, frontierism, freedom, morality, and other such individual-based concepts? Well, what happened is the leftist progressives moved in and corrupted the mentality of the youth over the span of many generations to foster a cesspool of collectivists, socialists, communists, fascists and other control-and-command operatives. Loyal dogs of the Beast System. Sheep. Lemmings. Fools. Swine. The complete and total antithesis of what this country once represented.  The communist manifesto describes ten basic planks on how to alter a society. Some of these include setting up a central bank, enforcing a graduated income tax, abolishing private property, abolishing the rights of inheritance, creating public schooling, and controlling the means of communication and transportation.

A job well done, one would have to say, if happening to view the situation from the same perspective as those who wish to bring about a Marxist state. How so, you ask? America is a land of free markets and capitalism, you say? All those dirty commies are across the sea in Russia, Europe and China, you opine? Nay, I reply. Such blasphemous creatures infiltrated our shores long ago. In fact, they’ve been in our midst all along. Like snakes, they laid low until the perfect opportunity to strike presented itself.

America warred against one particular brand of fascists in Germany and then brought the high-ranking officers and scientists into this country using Operation Paperclip to form NASA. NASA = Nazi. The dark occultists didn’t even try to hide that acronymous fact.  America fought a cold war against the Soviets and communists, yet all the while, agent provocateurs, deeply infiltrated within our own government, were busily sowing the seeds of destruction to transform this country into exactly what we were supposedly opposing across the ocean. Like Nietzsche said, “Be careful when fighting monsters that you do not become one, for when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss likewise gazes deeply into you.” So it goes, I suppose.

A centralized bank to control the credit, eh? Gee whiz, that sounds an awful lot like the Federal Reserve, which was established in 1913.  A scoundrelous endeavor, indeed, I would offer as my two cents on the matter, were such coins still valuable after the century of debasement perpetrated purposely against the dollar. This Act essentially gave away the power of the Congress to control the printing and issuance of currency and placed it in the hands of a privately run consortium of international banks. Along with that Act, which created the lawful imperative for America to now borrow money instead of sourcing it through the decree of the duly elected representatives, also came the income tax, which is enforced and collected by the Internal Revenue Service to suck the populace dry in order to pay the incurred debt due to the banks for the borrowed fiat currency. That, as some might say, is what you call a scam. A masterful two-in-one stroke by the financial oligarchs who seized control a little over 100 years ago.  What was it Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild said? “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” Nice sentiment, that, if you happen to be a control freak fascist. Oh, and that glorious four-pronged name, doesn’t it just sound like the sort of aristocratic, highfalutin, ivory tower sitting, let-them-eat-cake spewing, financial market rigging, social engineering, war mongering elitist that any sensible human would want perched over them dictating how to behave in every facet of existence? Careful with your reply.  Thought police of the politically correct brigade are stationed everywhere, you understand. TSA goons linger on every street corner.  If not quite that ridiculously bad, soon enough it will certainly be a reality, I’m afraid.

If you answer no, or even stand with a straightened spine, you must be a trouble maker, a rabble rouser, a rapscallion, a traitor, and a terrorist, to boot. Don’t you want to be a good, loyal, obedient, tail wagging, flag waving patriot and do everything your superiors order from on high while lounging in their multimillion dollar estates?

One more off-point peep out of you complaining about the worsening state of affairs and it’s straight to the gulag for some reeducation training. Don’t worry, we’ve perfected the art of brain washing, so you’ll come out with the slate wiped completely clean. A beautifully lobotomized zombie of the state. The type of automaton that would have made the Founding Fathers proud. Because Thomas Jefferson and his contemporaries never made statements such as, “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies,” and, “The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

Don’t be a conspiracy theorist. Don’t question authority. Just eat your GMO. Just drink your high fructose corn syrup. Just sip on the sodium fluoride from your municipal city tap. Just sit back in that comfy lounge chair, flick on the boob tube, click over to some corporate news flickering on the television screen and calm down.  Relax, everything is OK. Take your medication. You deserve to take a load off. You had a long day of selling out, shilling your soul, slaving to the Beast system, and acting like a good, obedient slave.  Now just listen to the soothing voice lull you into happy land as the pretty presenter whispers a sweet lullaby about the righteousness of America into your eager ears. Close your eyes. Go back to sleep.  Nothing else to see here. You’re in safe hands with Satan Incorporated. We’ve got everything under control.

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