Get Your Loved Ones Off Facebook


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Social networking can be a highly useful tool, but facebook is evil. Join tsu, a rapidly growing social network that shares ad revenue with users. Lots of social networks have attempted to compete with facebook's near-monopoly on social media, but they've all failed to gain traction in terms of having enough people on there to be really useful as a social networking tool. What else can possibly overcome facebook's social inertia other than a positive feedback loop that pays people to join, invite their friends, create and share content?

It's pseudo-invite-only right now, so basically you need to pick an existing user and input their name when tsu asks who invited you. Whoever you input gets credit for inviting you, which adds up, so if you don't know me and so don't want to give me credit you can pick among any number of alternative users to join up.

Here's mine (but if I seem unethical or untrustworthy, don't participate in indirectly funding me by using me as your invite):

Here's who invited me (I support paul's goals of world domination gardening and so don't mind helping to indirectly fund him):

Here's a charity (I don't know much about this charity but they seem nice and I think it's an option):

Tarrin Lupo, fellow liberty lover, agorist, and natural doc, is also on tsu, and you can use his link:

I bet you could probably google some other users who you liked more and use them as your invites. It's growing pretty fast. Invite all your friends and together we can obsoletize facebook. Today facebook, tomorrow the state. :)