The Government Wants You to Get Its Permission Before Discussing Gunmaking Information on the Internet (or Anywhere)


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I am a re-loader and this new attempt by the House Boy leads me into the area of suicide (at most) or severe injury because I am restricted from accessing current information regarding reloading ammunition. Reloading is actually a simple process, yet there are technical aspects to re-loading that makes it extremely dangerous to the shooter. If I can only depend upon the old data I possess I cannot then advance my re-loading to achieve better ballistics and better accuracy with my loads. This is a Dictatorship.
Whatever I call myself is mute. Mentally incompetent persons control our every actions. One can dream to be free of government, or even proclaim themselves free, but the fact is, no one is free from the dictatorship of mentally incompetent morons collected together on the east coast.
Lysander may say the Constitution is of no authority. Well he is damned well right and the incompetent morons have clearly demonstrated that fact. Those who want the Constitution to disappear have received their wish for the Constitution has effectively disappeared. We are finally evolving into a slave society to the government of the government, for the government and by the government.