Gun Makers Revolt!


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This is a great move. Read it last week I believe. There are also states which are crafting legislation to make anti-semi-auto-gun bans illegal within the boarders of the states; Wyoming, Oklahoma, Utah, Missiouri, Kentucky, Texas, Florida, Mississippi and others. Some are saying that any federal agent who comes into their state and attempts to arrest, confiscate, shut down and etc will be arrested, tried, get 5 year jail sentence with a $5000 fine. Utah is crafting an anti NDAA law making it a kidnapping charge with 20 year sentence anda $300,000 fine. If more states and manufactures come on line with this I think the Fed can be beaten and put in their place.

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This sounds like a great idea on the face of it, but I can see a whole lot of ways that it might be hijacked and turned around to bite all of us in the a$z. Here's one scenario: if the Feds or their lackies aren't getting the armaments that they 'need' for our 'protection', that could easily be construed as a national security matter. Being a national security matter, I would imagine that the NDAA or some such scrap of parchment might be activated at that point, giving them the 'legal' authority to confiscate any old thing that they feel is 'needed', to include entire factories complete with employees, who don't have an option to quit (that little bit about unlimited authority to allocate labor). And viola'! All of a sudden, the Feds own the firearms industry, to do with as they please, all in the name of national security. And under the NDAA's provisions, all Constitutional rights can be suspended 'for the duration of the emergency', so bye-bye 2nd Amendment, and you can bet that the duration of the 'emergency' will be TBD (to be determined). A little paranoid? Well, yeah, probably, but certainly within the realm of possibility, and of course there are a lot of smaller-scale bits of nastiness that they can throw out. The point being that they're unlikely to go down without a fight, and this is only the opening blow.