He Men, G-Men and Low-T Men

Column by Tim Hartnett.

Exclusive to STR

In case you haven’t heard, men are not as manly as they used to be, and that’s not just because John Wayne is no longer with us. All over the Internet, ads and reports are spreading the news that testosterone levels are dropping at a rate that means we all might be shooting blanks in the not too distant future. The science explaining this trend is still vague. Steering clear of Oprah, quiche, cosmopolitans and daytime dramas won’t help, according to the experts, but we don’t know who’s paying them. It’s still best to avoid creampuffs and click away from LMN.

Whatever the facts are behind this mysterious development, it meshes brilliantly with the modern establishment agenda. Real men are far more resistant to the indoctrination campaigns that have become as commonplace in sizable businesses today as they ever were in despotisms east of the Rhine. The ruling caste is fed up with prolish thinking and knows that the shortest route to crushing peasant willpower starts at the testicles. Creativity is the inevitable threat to arbitrary power. Why else would the conformity campaign to reach elite academia begin in preschool? Originality can never be snuffed out early enough.

People with the cojones to challenge authority will pay in this new world order. Aaron Swartz is only one recently salient example. There is a multitude we never find out about who got whacked economically by the corporatocrats before bringing in Fed enforcers becomes necessary. The concentrations of wealth and government power have not been inversely proportional for over four decades now. It doesn’t take a column of differential equations to compute who is losing. The same FBI that tainted 21, 000 criminal cases with worthless lab reports found time to make a case against a man whose only goal was the spread of erudition. The danger he posed was against forces interested in suppressing the truth. Meanwhile, Bernie Madoff only got nailed after serving himself up on a platter.

The emasculation of the average American male is generally an affliction of the ruled. The constabulary has been beefing up for over a generation. There was once a time in the US when spirited teenagers taunted the police for kicks. It only took so much guts back then. Cops of the 20th Century were mostly bloated wheezers who were spent in 20 yards. Since then they’ve been doing their push-ups and can now get close enough to club, tase and cuff lippy kids. Respect for authority has become less optional by the day. No technical or martial gadget is out of the constabulary’s reach any more. The 1033 program promises them anything the military is done testing on Third Worlders.

It is still possible to take legal action against officers of the law who exceed their authority, but rarely is it likely to pay off. Few have the wherewithal to disobey the illegal demands of a knighted class of Americans that act with impunity. The serfdom routinely complies with unwarranted assaults, searches, seizures of personal property (such as cash, cameras and cellphones) and other indignities no free man would tolerate. That much was obvious before Nick Monahan wrote about the molestation of his pregnant wife in the clutches of the TSA a decade ago. Standing up for yourself is dangerous business in the presence of government employees these days.

Mobsters and gangbangers have sometimes been impressed by men who stood tall and even known to back off with overwhelming odds in their own favor. This kind of largesse is unheard of from a class as contemptuous of common citizens as any boyar ever was. Defending oneself against criminals is increasingly dicey; failing to submit to deranged gendarmerie is practically suicidal. Government and Wall Street are at war with American manhood that fails to qualify as an endangered species.

Baby boys are born into a craven 21st tribe where natural hormones must be licensed by the military, elite academia, the SEC, the police academy or by the Justice Department. The mission of these institutions is to extinguish any sense of fair play or concern for the weakest in society. Any one of them caught giving quarter to the recalcitrant is out on his, or even her, ear. It is perversion of mankind’s most natural strength and the creation of nothing less than a misanthropocracy.
The media does its part skewing the male image with a dazzling array of irrelevancies and distractions. Television and film identify manhood with mindless brutality, whoring, sports obsessions, cultural depravity, ignorance and fantasies of omniscience (see CSI, Criminal Minds, Law and Order et al for reference points). Honor and human decency are supposedly things that can only be managed by government and elite institutions. Don’t try being human at home, you haven’t been properly trained. Your betters care and will see that you don’t hurt yourself or others. All that is asked is absolute obedience; the tasers, truncheons and spyware are only necessary until all vestiges of testosterone lie between the legs of the nobility. 

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Well, this may be overstating things a bit. The ruling class just backed down on gun control for example, largely due to long lines at gun shows buying guns and ammo, and all the calls of "molon labe" and talk about politicians hanging from lamp posts. The rulers received and understood the message.

"There was once a time in the US when spirited teenagers taunted the police for kicks."

It still happens.
Apparently, running from cops is quite the rage among the sportbike crowd. Dirt bike folks get into the fun too.

"Defending oneself against criminals is increasingly dicey; failing to submit to deranged gendarmerie is practically suicidal."

Once you get old enough, you just don't care, do you? At that point the only thing that matters is how many bastards you can take with you when you die.

It's always been the aim of rulers to emasculate the peons. What with commonly available battle rifles and other such tools, I think it may be harder to do than it was in the past, when only the aristocracy was armed.

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Testerone. Tel lme about it. I have been feeling its effects for several years and it is not fun. Once a day, every day you smear that stinky crap on, but it does work. It gives you the mood, it makes you grow hair where you don't really want it, but it makes your life a bit more livable;plus it gives you a bit more strength if you exercise it...legal steroids. As for the rest I can't answer that.

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    "...It's always been the aim of rulers to emasculate the peons..."

I suspect it was genius of the khans and their progeny right up to the here and the now to appoint from the peon class foot soldiers who could later be "promoted" to sergeants and lieutenants. In time those lieutenants, and later "captains", who were especially adapted to psychopathy, actually ascended to the ranks of Obamas and Bushes and Clintons -- always at the behest of the man behind the curtain pulling strings and guarding the treasury.

Peon and serf classes elevated by design to rank (pew!) can be the most vicious predators of all. Talk about emasculators -- Ask any Jew who survived places like Warsaw.

This correlates with a phenomenon it took centuries for the eggheads in the field of "psychology" to label Stockholm Syndrome. That paradox is what sustains that group of psychopaths we call "government" to this very day.

It is an eerie predilection of human nature that desires a king, or ruler. And I believe it's why many of us at STR are so baffled at the fact that liberty and anarchy are such hard "sells" to 90% or more of our friends and neighbors and family.

It's truly bewildering that so many, many highly educated individuals remain statists in light of all the evidence we -- and Ron Paul types -- put before them. Many of the Pauliens will be here before long. Ask an old Barry Goldwaterite of the early 60's.

The knowledge of the truth is incredible.


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Very nice job, Tim, thank you; delightfully written and by no means overstated.
When  you come across news of the chemistry and the funding, I'd like to know. The intention and results are clear, but how they do it is not. Bromine in the school cafeteria Kool-Aid?

Suverans2's picture

Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off! (Don't ask.)

Glock27's picture

WELL I know it wasn'g JD or Paul that you were laughing at and there is only one other post here! But then the Bromine kool-aid could be funny.