How Green Became the Color of Money


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That's why we can't see those "shocking" photos of Bin Laden, they're too "Gorey" !

I knew the green laws were coming back in 1991 under the CFC law. Now, it's the HCFC law. Tomorrow, it will be the blends of refrigerant, which are declared safe. A stroke of a pen is all they are using against us. Strike the Root and it'll all go away for prosperity. Let it live, and eventually it'll consume the Federal Government. With the States surrendering to the Feds, it'll all fall down like a house of cards.

Everyone is already burning moonshine in their gas tanks, which was outlawed and thousands of bootleggers killed. Ah, Oh, Ok, it was outlawed then, but it's Ok now. Besides, we have a bigger war to fight: The War on Drugs ! God bless what ?