How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cheap Carry Guns


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This guy scares me regarding his attitude of concealed carry and caliber. It is not so much caliber as it is the enormous personal responsibility involved with carry. Having a firearm in your possession and the knowledge of what it means to carry is very important to understand. Shooting a target is not the same as shooting a live person, the dynamics is entirely different and the author failed to stress these highly important facts over cheap grade .22 caliber pistols.
The .22 caliber can inflict pain and can kill given the correct shot, all of which you are unlikely to get under a tense, highly volatile situation. I completely disagree with his cheap approach as there are far too many things which can go wrong with a cheap firearm, having said that it is better to have a firearm of some nature rather than to have nothing available. For a young and healthful individual I could be hopeful that they may have the creativity to plan ahead and perform some level of defensive measures. For elderly individuals as myself, I must have something to exceed my physical ability to defend myself. I would never recommend a .22 as a self-defense firearm. A .380 is the minimum. The .380 costs a bit more than a .22, but it is far more effective as its caliber size is nearest to a .38 caliber.
In conclusion, for me, it is the mental preparation to defend against an intruder and to have a very clear and knowledgeable base of the laws of my state regarding the use of deadly force. I would be very interested in any comment regarding my position.