Hyperlink Tax and Filters: Is It Time to Dust Off the Mimeo Machine?


John deLaubenfels's picture

It's going to come down to whether governments can monitor and control the physical means of communication, because if they can't (and my guess is they can't), then the good guys, we the people, will find ways to communicate freely.  Today things are still pretty free: Alex Jones et al have been kicked off of Facebook and Twitter, but each can host its own web pages on its own machines.  And of course there's still the Dark Web, which will be far from trivial for governments to close down or block access to.
It's far from clear (to me) just how far governments will push to control web content.  But I'm pretty confident that, try as they might, they'll lose this battle.  I'm less sanguine about the drive to eliminate use of cash.  If cash is criminalized, barter would still be possible, but not anonymously, making it more risky than careful communications online.