I, Pocket Knife


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They must have all manner of new technology and procedures for finding such things nowadays. The last time I flew at all was in 2002, on a trip from Europe back to South Africa. You were not even allowed to take a nail clipper on board. I had no trouble at all smuggling my pocket knife along, however. But perhaps European security thugs are dumber and/or more lax than current American ones... :-)

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My comment (on Independent Institute comments page):

    "I am not even angry at the TSA employee. I am angry at the TSA."

What futility! The “TSA” doesn’t exist. It is a concept — an abstraction. Only employees — functionaries — OF “TSA” (“Your-Tax-Dollars-At-Work”)exist.

Your only hope that I see would be to encourage your fellow jack-knives to Abstain from Beans — assuming pocket knives could become eligible “voters”. Not at all impossible the way “votes” are counted these days.



Samarami | May 5, 2012 | Reply