Illinois Man Offers Free Rides to Drunks, Gets Arrested


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Should be easy to beat. If this citizen offers "free rides" then he is not required to have a license, other than a driver license (and this, only because he chooses to be a citizen), because those riding with him are "guests" as opposed to "passengers".

"The essential elements of “passenger” as opposed to “guest” under guest statute are that driver must receive some benefit sufficiently real, tangible, and substantial to serve as the inducing cause of the transportation so as to completely overshadow mere hospitality or friendship...A “guest,” under provisions of guest statute, is a recipient of the voluntary hospitality of the [driver] owner, that is, one who is invited or permitted by owner or possessor of automobile to ride with owner-possessor as a gratuity."

Gratuity. Something acquired or otherwise received without bargain or inducement. Something given freely or without recompense; a gift.