India Declares Dolphins "Non-Human Persons" With Rights


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Yet another silly consequence of a rights-based worldview.

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Winds up rather arbitrary, doesn't it, Paul?

First thing that I wondered is whether the sharks would care? But then I remembered, dolphins have largely taken themselves off the shark's menu by having nasty teeth of thier own, and traveling in packs. Funny how that works.


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Paul: Now exactly what is silly about dolphins having rights? Given the uniqueness of the human being we can be as stupid as we wish or we can be reasonable. In all of my time here on the blue marble I have noted very few reasonable individuals. I guess this is why I consider the human being as a species that is the vilest, nastiest, despicable, disgusting, species that inhabits this place. Animals seem to have it worked out. They know who can kick their ass so they stay clear and do what is expected. As I contemplate the animal world, I think we might be following the very same outline of fundamental social control.
Just a fun thought to put a touch of levity in the situation.

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There is an interesting parallel here, Glock. Animals behave wildly different in their "natural habitat" than they do in "captivity." I might suggest that the same is true of humans, being, as we are, simple animals. The difference in behavior between, say, humans living in hunter-gatherer societies, and those living in the grand zoo we call "civilization" is stark.

I'm tempted to say that much of the vileness you observe is due to the carefully constructed, and to most invisible, cage in which most people live their lives. Rather like rats, they scratch at the corner or dance through convoluted mazes with vigorous pointlessness in order to get a dazzling treat.

Who wouldn't want to break out?



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When the world-wide economy crashes, the Indians will be eating dolphins.

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mhsthal: You make a very, very interesting point here in comparison to captivity and free living. As I shared with Samarami, I see the human being as a social creature, and as such some of the group will always be looking for a leader, someone to take control and tell them what to do. I think the human species his helpless in this fact. The result, as I am just formulating, is the result of captivity by the psychopathic/Socialistic individuals who do take over the pack while there are a few who resent this, but not large enough to overwhelm the supporters of rape, pillage and plunder.

Thanks for this point-of-view. It helps to add to my contemplation of the human condition.

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The term "leader" is an interesting one. It is often used to describe political leaders, who ultimately rule, through force, rather than actually "lead" which implies the voluntary cooperation of those who follow. I suspect that you may be right, that it is instinctual for most humans to follow leaders, just as it is instinctual for some to lead. However, I don't think that this is a blanket tendency, nor are the instincts mutually exclusive in an individual.

As an example, I've spent quite a lot of time on boats on the Great Lakes. This can be a  dangerous activity, and as such I've noticed an interesting tendency in peoples behavior. When I'm out with inexperienced folks they tend to do as I ask without question, even on calm days. While I usually try to avoid it, I've also been stuck in rough weather, which is tense for anyone, and very frightening for passengers who are inexperienced. I have found that the inclination to follow in such situations is heightened even more. I have also noticed that I feel an intense obligation to not only get everyone home safely, but to project calm, and even come up with non-vital tasks to allow an outlet for nervous energy.

Now, as it happens, I've played the role of "follower" to some of the same people when in a situation where they have expertise (major plumbing work, for example.)

In each case-and there could be many other examples-the relationship is both voluntary and prudent.

The trouble comes in when someone decides that you must follow them, irrespective of expertise, and with a threat of violence.

I think that you are indeed on to something.



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Mike: For me, you have expressed some very beautiful concepts here. When I think of the news media people appear to have the tendency to blatantly accept what the anchor is reading. I know all stories are vetted in a group as to what is going to be aired and these individuals are also directed by an upper echelon that project a political philosophy. It is interesting that my wife observed that while watching CNN there were an enormous amount of fluff--switch to fox and they actually conduct themselves as you would expect journalist to do. So the socialization inclination is pretty well controlled by the media. Depending upon what one watches. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, AP apparently are bed buddies with the democratic philosophy. Media leads by the direction of others above them.

I would however, expect that there are more followers than there are leaders. Politically I can't imagine what to call them other than synthetic figureheads carrying out the design of some dark-horse collective, while at the same time attempting to pretend they are doing what is best for their constituents. This whole issue is an enigma for me. Reading a post from Samarami, the National Guard are in theory being trained to disarm American Civilians. A scary thought to me. So who is leading this effort and for what purpose? I have a tendency to be chicken little running around yelling the sky is falling.This whole show I think is being led by some psychopathic/socialpathic philanthropist such ass George Sorous. I suspect he is possibly but one member of a group whom are more intelligent than he as they stay in the shadows.

To me the truest form of liberty is to move 500 to 1000 miles away from the nearest civilization, but since humans are a social species I suspect one would not be able to sustain this level of freedom.

Do you ever sail around to Ludington, or Pentwater? Michigan side.