Israel Authorizes Controversial New Settlements in Revenge for Palestine’s UN Bid


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B. Netanyahu is clearly no idiot and has demonstrated that his intellectual powers far exceeds [o]bama's one celled brain. This is an issue which Netanyahu probably forcasted when [o]bama was elected. The mother load is coming.

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Benjamin Netanyahu is a "political psychopath", in my opinion, which, again, in my opinion, makes him far worse than an idiot.

"If you're very bright, know how to dress well; you have, say, the gift of the gab; you're raised in an affluent family background; [then] you don't go in the bank and rob it, you get in the bank and become a director..." ~ Dr. Robert Hare

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"political psychopath"

Isn't that redundant? Though he does indeed seem to be a particularly virulent specimen.


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Forecasted, or orchestrated?