It Doesn’t Matter What “the Law” Is


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"...citizens can be punished without any specific legal pretext."

    citizen, n. ...2. A member of a state; a person, native or naturalized, who owes allegiance to a government, and is entitled to protection from it ~ Webster's 1960 New Collegiate Dictionary, page 151

    allegiance, n. 1. The relation of a feudal vassal to his superior, or liege lord ~ Ibid., page 23

    vassal, n. 1. Early Law. One who has placed himself under the protection of another as his lord and has vowed homage and fealty ~ Ibid., page 942

"Citizens" are members of a political community [a STATE] who, in their associated capacity [as members of a STATE], have established or submitted themselves to the dominion of a government for the promotion of their general welfare and the protection of their individual as well as collective rights. Herriott v. City of Seattle, 81 Wash.2d 48, 500 P.2d 101, 109 ~ Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition (c.1991), page 244

Same sh*t, different day.