It Is Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off All Of Our Debt


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Sam submitted a comment to this article at "The Economic Collapse". I doubt that it will ever see the light of day. Here it is:

    From the article:

    "...The real problem, of course, is our out of control spending..."

    "...We simply cannot afford to keep spending money like this..."

    Whenever an author uses "we" and "our" I can know s/he will neither discover nor address the root of the "problem" (quotes intended). I was going to link Jeff Berwick's "The Most Dangerous Word" ("we"). However, now that Jeff apparently considers himself a libertarian potentate, has chosen to dabble in political action (he's started spelling "libertarian" with a capital "L"), seems he's had second thoughts and taken the article out of the archives.

    But his essay included a link to this:
    which sez it all.

    My spending is not out of control. Is yours? I can afford to spend "money" (or what they're calling it nowadays) like I spend it -- unless or until my resources threaten to give out, at which point I'll need to make other arrangements, which I can do. Can you?

    I strongly believe you have two ways out of this mess: 1) exorcize your superstition (if you still cling to it) that you have "representation" over in a place they're calling District of, Columbia. You don't. 2) Abstain from beans


Seems many of these blogs will only entertain thoughts along party lines. Mine seldom meet that criteria. Sam

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Interestingly, I eventually was able to google up a copy of the article by Jeff Berwick (in my opinion his best, written years before he became infected with statism) that had been posted in 2011 on a Yahoo Group message:

Jeff and Walter Block have gone whole-hog into political action, and justify themselves totally:


Keep your hand over your wallet pocket, Mates! Sam