Just Because It Isn't CALLED A Tax Doesn't Mean That It Isn't One


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I don't know about this one. In fact I might go in the other direction: some things called taxes really aren't (i.e. "gas tax", really a user fee for roads).

It is easy to escape college tuition - don't go to college. Until Obamacare's mandatory "contributions" came along, the same was true of medical care - don't use it, other than perhaps "unofficial" care by trusted others.

On the other hand, one could say that income taxes could be escaped by having no income, or not enough income. Half the people in the country do that. Doesn't mean income tax is not a tax. But the money from income taxes flow into government coffers. Money from college tuition does not unless it is a state college. Same with medical care; not all providers are government employees after all.

Even in Libertopia there will be colleges and medical care.