Lawmakers Consider Preventing ALL Marriage In Oklahoma


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Yes, of course, idiots who register with a State organization for a license to marry are Statist Idolators! And Statist Idolators who object to Homos getting a State license to marry are still Statist Idolators AND Fascist HYPOCRITES!

Peace be with you all,
C. Livingstone

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According to the report, the motivation here is to avoid having to authorize same-sex marriages. No matter the motive, it would have the good effect of getting the State out of the marriage business, where it should certainly never have been, so is a plus. Oklahoma, OK!
The flip side was identified by one of the commenters: "if no one is married, how would they qualify to file joint tax returns, inherit tax-free when one spouse dies, etc., etc."
So government creates a problem (the death tax) and creates another problem (marriage licensure) to solve it. It's what they do, all day long. Who needs it?

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Who needs it? The government of course. Personally the government has no qualifying justificaion to perform in th way they do.