Let Go, Live Free


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    "...Stop asking for permission! The state is just a large criminal organization, you do not need its permission to do anything. Of course, you will have to avoid their henchman from time to time but it is mostly in the west where the state really has much power and people actually adhere to their extortion and edicts..."

Jeff pinpointed the crux of the problem and he gave us the solution in just three short sentences. But he needed an essay. The pay for three sentences is not as good as the pay for an essay.

Ever hear of Sameria? I thought not. I'm the only inhabitant. But I'm free. I am a free, sovereign state, as a matter of fact. And I did not have to move to Cambodia or Thailand or New Hampshire or to a floating platform out in the Pacific (I can only imagine what a tyrannical nightmare "The-Government" out there might develop into once a few sociopaths get themselves settled in and start to manage and control their neighbors).

Wherever on this earth I move, my freedom will depend solely upon what's between my ears. Liberty is not the purveyance of parasites who make up the local governments around the earth.

If it's gonna be, it's up to me.