Man Cleared of NYC Murder After 25 Years in Prison


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By government calculus, this story, combined with Blackstone's formulation, proves that 10 guilty persons must have been prevented from escaping each of the 25 years Fleming was unjustly imprisoned. That's 250 hardened criminals off the streets! How can you argue with that?

And I eagerly await the news that the former prosecutor who intentionally suppressed exculpatory evidence will be required to compensate Fleming using his own personal time and accounts. Which we should be hearing about.... nnnnow. No? Should be soon. Like now. Huh. I was almost positive that the state would be practically falling over itself to right the wrongs of its employees and designated representatives in the course of their assigned duties. ~sarcasm~

The state steals little bits of our lives every day. Five minutes here. An hour there. Another 40 minutes filling out forms. Two hours on hold correcting transcription errors from entering said forms into a computer. Time that you spent working that was taken as taxes.

The truth is that government probably steals 25 years or more away from *everyone's* lives. They just do it a little at a time rather than all at once. Are you as mad about that as you are about this blatant, callous injustice in the article? Did you realize that even after this, the state will continue to take things from this man against his will, with even less in the way of apology or admission of wrong?