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I am very happy to see the new advances. Anything that makes STR more friendly for our community of libertarians/anarchists/agorists is a good thing. I look forward to the addition of a discussion forum if possible, as in earlier days. Else how will I know what Log from Blamo thinks? -- Mitrik Spanner

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Glad you like it! We'll consider a forum, though spammers and flamers usually become a problem.

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I really do miss the forum. It has been awhile now.

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Really happy to see the changes to the site. Please keep up the good work! A new design might be a useful next step to make it more visually appealing.

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Until Dec 30, I received STR in my email box. Has that feature been removed?

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We're going to use a different system from now on, and our developer just hasn't set it up yet.

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love the fact that i can get feeds now. i wish the big blue intro box would go away. personally, i don't think much would be gained by adding a forum other than cluster headaches for the admins. strike the root is perfect in this format. the quote at the top left, the beautiful or haunting photograph, and my cup of coffee.

peace, love and kudos to str.

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I was very concerned when you were down due to the virus. I am glad to know that the world has not lost a great friend of human liberty.

Welcome Back.

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Agreed, I'm very happy to see STR back online. I must have checked the site 20 times a day for the last week.

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Me too. STR was always the first site I looked at in the morning. Welcome back.

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Welcome back STR! I was checking 4-5 times a day waiting for the site to come back up. A good friend is back!

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Glad to see STR is back. . . the first time I hit the site after it went down, my Anti-Virus alerted me. . . so nice that all wasn't lost.

STR is the first site I hit in the morning, it goes great with the first cup o'mud and a cig.

You guys rock.

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The following post shows on the side bar but not in the body of the article link below. And I cannot update the like the author's button on the last page the same article.

"WhiteIndian *METHODS* have been attacked for good reason (as opposed to the details. But even that has been seen thru by the author of the article on this thread and others.....)

Let ALL reflect on his use of strawmen, context dropping, intellectual dishonesty in place of refutation and actual debate.

Now this issue of trolls would make a proper subject to address. I think that others have provided good summation of why WhiteIndian fits this bill. His arguments have been seen thru...did he expect me to let him walk into this camp (yes I live in the wilderness, I doubt he does but I care not). It is hilarious to see someone who speaks about subjects and assumes and assumes yet is such a self congratulatory tender foot...

His methodology has been shown for what it is...He is a troll. That is NO common ground for me.

Now please think about it for a moment. Say dear reader WhiteIndian appears on your proximate horizon and starts his evidenced ways in your camp...What will you do hmmm? Will you pretend that his purposes are peaceful? Well, there is an answer for that. Now I think WhiteIndian has a taste for rabbit food...That is not my problem".

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I recommend that WhiteIndia be banished from this community. He is not here to debate or trade ideas but to tie up this site in all the ways he has already shown.

Ultimately his evidenced failure to execute his primary function on himself/his data is a dead give away. (Because his own data issues are just a set piece ruse). His primary directive is setting up the climbing up of vertical walls when there are clearly stairs. example abound of he the unnecessary testing of others but never himself or his data. The trolls subterfuge is exposed and now understandable.

Some clues: WhiteIndian's--self admitted--separatness from its own biological anthopological data units is illogical. But not if he has dishonest intellectual intentions. His failure to discover his first error is a second error and his refusal to correct these errors is a third error And clue. Ultimately evidenced failure to execute his primary function on himself/his data is a dead give away. (Because his own data issues are just a set piece ruse).

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No room for diversity of opinion in the STR social?

If the Ideals promoted in the cyber-space of STR won't work ,without resorting to the gun in the room(Banning White-Indian).................... than this is an effort in futility and has no chance in the real-world.

To even suggest Banning someone already screams defeat.

How is that translated into the free world veiw?

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Protecting your own property is not tyranny... jesus...

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It's called "proprietary interest"; Rob presumably pays for this domain, so he has the natural right (a "just claim") to refuse service to anyone he wishes, and for any reason, or no reason at all. "Free world" doesn't mean that someone can move into your home and take over.

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If WI, or any other dissenter, is banned then I will lose a lot of respect for STR.

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    If WI, or any other dissenter, is banned then I will lose a lot of respect for STR.

I'll second Evan's observation.

If I can't learn from dissension without projecting threats or rudeness I might need to find another milieu. Sam

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I'm with you, Sam.

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Evan, it looks like someone got da-boot.

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What remains of the dear readers on this site are posting messages on the guest editor thread (essentially its basement) because the rest of the site has been jammed by a malware troll on a computer. Removing it has nothing to do with a biological creator nor defeat of the free market but I digress...

It would appear that an analog to this troll situation is "Nomad" in "The Changeling". Nomad tells Spock that its mission is to "find and sterilize imperfection". Since Nomad's definition of imperfect includes all living things, it travels from [site to site I mean] world to world, sterilizing everything and everyone (except itself). Though repulsed by the machine's words, Capt Kirk decides to play along with Nomad's mistakes...and tells Nomad not to "sterilize" anything further...

One way to shut down the troll before it shuts down this site completely is to access deny and ban it.

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Oh, groan, now, I suspect, we have trolls supporting trolls. If there are any legitimate anarchist/libertarian members left at this alternative news website, it will be a wonder. And, there most certainly won't be any new ones. Is this the ultimate goal, I wonder?

I do realize that this comment will earn me the "paranoid, conspiracy theorist" title from the foppish whores of the STATE, [watch 'em come out of the woodwork], but as Craig Hulet put it, "When they call you a conspiracy theorist, it means you are closer to the truth than they want you to be.". ;)

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Don't worry Suverans2, STR will survive and move on after it becomes evident to WI that nobody pays attention to what he says anymore. I found his Neanderthal model for social organization interesting at first and still appreciate some of his insights and links to essays on how civilization has evolved. Unfortunately his goal appears to be to create chaos on this board while avoiding any direct challenges to his shallow thinking. It is very broad, but not as deep as he seems to believe. The premise that civilization and the state are synonymous doesn't get you very far. The ideal of humans living forever as free roaming hunter-gatherers is refuted by his precious empirical evidence as well as the basic human desire to improve one's lot in life; but that pales in comparison to the hurdle of de-evolution required to take us back to the (pre-?) stone-age. This scenario would, of course, require the death of billions of people, so he keeps dancing around our pointing out this psychotic desire.

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G'day Mark Davis,

Yes, and I apologize for not heeding my own advice. :(

I too found some of it interesting, in fact some of it even parallels my own thoughts on the subject.

But, as I wrote some time back, (and now edited a bit):

"So, when will [we] be allowed to "gambol about plain and forest", you may rightfully ask? Why, that's simple, when the e-vile ACS "civilization" has completely collapsed, and at least three-quarters of the earth's human population is dead, and all knowledge of growing our own food and domesticating animals has been completely lost."

Because, if this basic knowledge is not "completely lost" we will eventually end up...right back where we are today, because, as you put it, the "basic human desire [is] to improve one's lot in life".

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

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The assumption by the governing power of a quasi fatherly relation to the people, involving strict and intimate supervision of their business and social concerns, upon the theory that they are incapable of managing their own affairs. Thanks.
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But that is a true statement of fact to them. We are little more than cattle to be slaughtered. Look at the most recent tragedy in Lybia with the death of four. [o]bama trivialized their deaths and probably still does behind turned of microphones.

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Wow! I have been looking for the guest for today "Serenity", but can't seem to figure out how to land on the article profile site. Maybe I don't get the joke and the whole idea is to be serene today. I keep getting kicked back to my profile island. I have a 2012 Dell inspirion5 laptop running windows7 home premium. Is it my machines fault I can't get to the guest post? Can someone out there set me free.

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We need a place where we can comment on the daily quotes, if we should feel the urge.

The quote from 10/26/2012 stirs in me, just such an urge. And, since we don't that special place, I shall do it here.

"Private property was the original source of freedom. It still is its main bulwark." ~ Walter Lippmann

"...its main bulwark"? Ol' Walter should have stopped at, "It still is". Self-ownership is the cornerstone of all private property.

cornerstone noun ▸ the basic part of something, on which everything depends ~ Macmillan Dictionary

"There is only one fundamental right (all the others are its consequences or corollaries): a man’s right to his own life." ~ Ayn Rand

RIGHT, n. ...Just claim; legal title; ownership; the legal power of exclusive possession and enjoyment. ~ Webster's 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language [Emphasis added]

His right, then, to his own life means it is, private property.

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We're the Government -- and You're Not, a ten and one half minute movie by David McElroy

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"The greatest threat to the future of our nation - to our freedom - is not foreign military aggression, but the growing dependence of the people on a paternalistic government." ~ Charles B. Shuman

Bears repeating!

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"Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure." Wasn't that Robert LeFevre?

"...the solution to a problem created by too much regulation is more regulation." ~ Simon Black,