The Natural Right of Cyber-Dissent


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Another paean to the religious notion of rights. Unfortunately there is no way to comment on the article, to set him straight or at least present another viewpoint.

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Good day to you, Paul. I will presume that many, and perhaps most, libertarians believe in rights. Please elaborate about your perception of the term "rights." May I also presume that you do not think that rights are something that are defined and provided by government? I respect those who dare to think outside the box. Please again defend this position. Best wishes, T.

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You didn't ask for my take, but I'll present it nonetheless:

Years ago I ceased using the term "rights". It is no longer in my vocabulary. I make choices.

I am aware there are people near and far who feel duty-bound to interfere with many of the choices I make. It is my responsibility, and mine alone, to defend myself from those interlopers.

And, if my choices should give rise to behaviors that interfere with your tranquility or your well-being -- or that of those you love -- I can expect negative repercussions from you, or them. It will be your natural backlash from my impudence, not due to your "right" to be left alone.

So I refrain from interfering in your life. I want you to like me. It's funner that way.

As I see it (and I could be wrong), use of the term "rights" would imply that there are folks somewhere who are responsible for granting, maintaining or sustaining my "rights". They might, and they might not. If they don't, what am I going to do about it? Whine? Wring my hands -- gnash my teeth?

If it's going to be, it will be up to me. Sam

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Thank you, Sam.