Newark Police Illegally Detain Honors Student Over Cellphone Footage


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There's a quote I read once on STR, I believe from Mencken, about how the problem with defending jusice is that you have to be willing to defend scoundrels, because it's against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first levied. Replace "scoundrels" with "suspected drug users" -- for decades the ACLU has refused to make a stand against flagrant violations of the constitutional rights of drug suspects. By demanding a different level of justice for honor students than for drug suspects, the ACLU, self-proclaimed defenders of the constitution, have helped elevate police to their god-like status. What these cops did to that girl was wrong, yes, but not because she's an honor student. Most of us are not honor students; that doesn't, or shouldn't, make us any less deserving of protection. The constitution exists for all of us. The ACLU, on the other hand, exists only for itself.