Learning The Wrong Lessons From The Attempted Bombing


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When any piece of journalism invokes 'al-Qaeda' it discredits itself in my mind. This article brought it up in the first sentence. Al Qaeda is a boogeyman. It does not exist. It's sole purpose is to induce fear in the lumpenproles, and to stifle discussion about the real sponsors of terror. Those real sponsors are the black ops agencies of governments pursuing an agenda of terrorizing the population so they won't resist other parts of the same agenda. The ultimate goal of the people invoking al Qaeda is world domination. It amazes me that Muslims fall for this deception.


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There is a group of people who think of themselves as being in "Al Quaeda" so it exists as much as any organisation does. The article states that the man "apparently" was connected to al quaeda and there is some appearance that he did. I'm not convinced myself but it's at least plausible. The article is worthwhile and a minor possible error in attributing blame is hardly worth trashing it for.